Check Out This Elaborate, Crazy-Expensive Wii U Prototype

It's rare we get a look at the very ground level of console hardware design, but that's what we got this week with an Iwata Asks segment on Nintendo's website, which shows an adorable little cardboard mock-up of a Wii U controller, used to quickly test out various possible uses for the giant pad.

I love the fact it was "hollow", so the developers could slide in different ideas. I hate that the sight of that image has put the fax noise in my head all morning, and I can't get it out.

Iwata Asks [Nintendo, via Tiny Cartridge]


    At first I didn't understand the title. Then it hit me. Sarcasm.

    I made something like this when I was 10, except it was a Pokedex, and it had a slot to put my Pokemon cards into. I love making stuff out of cardboard xD

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