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Shhhhhhh. Quiet everyone. It's Community Kudos.

Okay, we have a lot of noms, and I'm starting late because the US Kotaku server is, um, under the actual ocean because of Hurricane Sandy. Yep, it's been one of those weeks.

Zap. He is now officially, the earliest nommer. Ever. This bad boy came in on Sunday!

Zap I'm hopefully the earlier nommer ever.
Scrumptatoes and Martin for bringing some sort of maturity to this article's comments. I was expecting this to devolve into bigotry; this was a welcome surprise.

Oh, but before then, there were slightly late noms from Doc What and Numbers that I didn't get in time. Sorry chaps.

I love this one...

Numbers I don't care if this doesn't get put in today's Kudos, but I wanted to nom Saturday for having the stones to ask Rocketman, Blaghman, and I to fake Job References for him

Saturday. You have testicular fortitude.

Doc What actually doesn't nom that much, but he nommed his Potaku crew of Shiggy and Alexpants, and also nominated Jeeves for the following awesome reason.

Doc What I nominate Jeeves, because we all know who he is now thanks to our new Potaku account powers.


Batguy took off his sunglasses slowly, looked longingly across the Pacific ocean and delivered his patented International Noms™.

Batguy My final International Noms™ go to D.C. simply for commenting on all the TAY trip write-ups adventures I've done, and always responding to my hilariously witty tweets. May not seem like a big deal, but it makes travelling feel a little less lonely when you know there's people out there taking an interest in what you're doing!
An extra-special anti-nom goes to hurricane Sandy for wrecking New York such that I don't get to go there this weekend as planned. But thankfully I wasn't there when all the madness went down!

Scree's noms were short, but sweet. They were about Bish. Who is in Canada. But still being a swell bro.

Scree Bish for gifting me Madness: Alice returns on steam. Looks like being in Canada isn't going to stop him =P

AlexPants confirmed that, yes, everybody loves Cakesmith.

AlexPants Another week, another nom for Cakesmith for being a generous (and bearded) gentleman. Except for the part where he made fun of my lactose intolerance, that wasn't very gentleman-like.
Two noms for Freeze (or one nom for two reasons). First, he was the only one to answer the call when Shiggy requested photos of boobs with POTAKU written over them, that was brilliant. Second, he randomly gifted me Dead Rising 2 on Steam, that was also brilliant. Thanks, Freeze!
An Oprah nom for everyone sending stuff in for Potaku. They've all been great reads.

It was nice to get a nom from Jo. It's been a while since I've heard for that gentleman.

Jo For Bunny, cause he gave me a DS and Pokermans White. And for being his usual entertainingly snarky self.

Noms also go to Tigerion, from Redartifice...

Redartifice I'd like to nominate Tigerion, for organising the mini Melbourne meat. We went to his regular trivia night at the Arcadia and had a great time. Also, did you know a flageolet is a musical instrument? And Henry the IV, V and VI were all Lancastrian kings?

I did not know that. Every day is a school day I guess!

So this week, there was an actual fair bloody dinkum winner for Community Kudos. It was pretty overwhelming. It seems like Freeze did a pretty amazing job of organising the Brisbane Movieworld meet — which look awesome. I've never been to Movieworld!

Virus First off just a general kudos nom to all of those who attended the Movieworld Meat on Sunday, that was awesome, it was a great day to end a month that had been pretty below average for me! It was also great to finally meet Freyr & D.C!
Next i'd like to give one to Freeze & his lovely wife Mrs. Freeze, who hooked me up with a world pass to Movieworld, Wet N' Wild & Sea World! They're great people :D
Also would like to throw a nom to the other Brisbane TAYbies who couldn't make it, they being Lambo, The Last Question, Welbot & Jimu!

Welbot Even though this has been.. a less than ideal week (understatement of the year right there!;), I'm gonna have throw a nom by way of MrFreeze.S.Preston.
He kindly offered to help me tow a car this weekend, and would have probably taken up most of his Sunday to do so, and the offer alone is worth it.
As of writing this, he doesn't know (but will by the time it gets posted) that I'm going to leave him to be a free man, as I'm only likely to save $10 by having him help, and as much as my life sucks more than eating raw gastro-testicular balls atm, I'm not gonna let him waste his whole Sunday for that. I'm not physically in a really bad way, but the tremors make me move a bit like a malnourished alcoholic junkie going through withdrawls, so I figure another day or rest should do me some good :)
Still, he's set another fine example of just what makes the Kotaku TAY community one of the best groups in the world that I can proudly say I'm associated with!
I've uttered this phrase several times already this week, but I love you guys! You're the bestest! :) Thanks for being.. you!

Strange I'm nominating Freeze S. Preston, Icequire for this week's Kudos for organising the Movie World Meat. This is something there'd been talk of for a while but it took Freeze locking in a date and harrassing everyone for it to happen. Also, we've been trying to get D.C. to join us for a Meat for an extremely long time and Freeze's cunning plan to have a Meat somewhere D.C. wouldn't be able to resist worked.
Honorable mentions go to Trjn for being supernice and giving a carfull of people a lift to Movie World. And Freyr for being Freyr (ie: awesome).
Also, Braaains because Halloween.

I think it's also worth nothing that a lot of people nominated D.C. for overcoming one of his fears and attending the meat, including Greenius!

Greenius NotoriousR - For drawing me a map to gym chicken (no context required) -
D.C. - For facing his biggest fear and attending his first meat! From avoiding them to wanting more... I think he's addicted!
Welbot - For having a really, really bad week. I really hope things turn around for him and we're all here if you (or anyone else) needs us!

Actually I would like to leave it to D.C. himself to explain!

D.C. On Sunday the Brisbane Kotaku folks had a meat at Movie World. Firstly I want to nom Freeze for organizing this. He was the go to guy and ensured it didn't vanish into the ether like so many theme park meats before. He's also a damn good guy. (His wife is really nice too! Yeah, that's a nom for Mrs. Freeze!) Next up? Trjn. This man gave me a ride to the park. We've never met before and he was totally willing to do that. I could've axe murdered him, but he took the risk! He's a good guy too. Freya? Oh man, she's awesome. She had this calm intensity all day leading us into queues and assuming the role of meat leader! If it wasn't for her, we'd probably have stood in a circle indecisively weighing up what to do next. Plus she attended from Sydney. That's dedication!
Then there's Strange. I nominate Strange cause she totally hugged me. That's nom worthy isn't it? Also her persistance in finally getting me to go to a meat was probably the only reason I was there in the first place. I'd like to nom Mr Strange and the Strangelings too, for being so cool about us stealing their lady away from them for a while. Sughly. I'd like to nominate him for being awesome! One of those guys you can talk to for hours and not feel socially inept around. Plus he made an adventure game! I nominate Virus for having interesting stories and Ser Nobs for his beard growing skills. (And for being a really friendly guy!)
Finally I'd like to nominate every one who had pushed me to attend this thing. I'm glad I did.


Have a great weekend everyone!

Community Kudos is your chance to reward Kotaku readers/posters who have done incredible things throughout the past week: sporadic acts of kindness, deft commenting skills — if someone deserves to be called out for being an incredible human being, Community Kudos is the place to do it. Send nominations directly to me at this address! The winner gets a cool prize from my massive box of stuff.*

Disclaimer — I'm am really bad at sending stuff out, I have a list, I haven't forgotten, I'm totally getting round to it. Sorry everyone!

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    Yay Freeze!

    Screw you Sandy!

      Just so you know...I've been reading your adventures with great enjoyment. Sorry for not commenting on them much, I sometimes forget that nobody knows how much you appreciate what they post unless you reply to them.

        Oh, and on that note: those tags made me laugh, Mr. Serrels. :D

        Oh good :) There's one more final instalment to go. Though unless LAX showers me with hits, the tally is going be remarkably piss-weak by the end!

    Aw, man. Can you feel the freakin' love! Way to go, Freeze. You're awesome.

    Also, whoa, I had no idea that commenting meant so much to you, Batguy. Humbling to know I've contributed to your trip in some way. The write-ups were damn interesting anyways! Also thanks to the folks who nominated me for attending the meat. Pretty damn glad I did. I've been feeling really good all week. (Also got a case of the post-Meat blues. Haha!)

    Congrats to the other nominees as well, you're awesome! Feel better too, welbot!

    I don't like Cakesmith

    Yay Freeze!
    It's awesome when someone you nominate wins, it's just as good as winning yourself. :D

    Wooo Kudos time is best time!

    Grats ...everyone AND TROLL S. PRESTON, UGH!

    (am I blind or is there no winner this week?)

    EDIT: Forgot to mention I totally looked up his boobie picture and was not disappointed.

    NSFW I guess?

    EDIT 2: I guess it's Troll S. Preston then! The lack of the usual "Congratulations ________" comment confused me :'(

    Last edited 02/11/12 5:43 pm

      Serrels tricked us and put the winner above his noms: "So this week, there was an actual fair bloody dinkum winner for Community Kudos. It was pretty overwhelming. It seems like Freeze did a pretty amazing job of organising the Brisbane Movieworld meet — which look awesome. I’ve never been to Movieworld!"

      There's a clear winner. So clear it's halfway through the article! FREEZE!

      That's what I thought at first too - but then I re-read the "So this week, there was an actual fair bloody dinkum winner for Community Kudos" part above the final block of quotes.

    HAHAHAHA yeah that was fond memories.

    .... I might have to use those same references since that didn't pan out, so yeah. Huzzah for elaborate lies!

    Nice one Freeze, well deserved mate.

      Also, Mark it is settled, you must come to a theme park meat!

        I'd be too frightened to meat ol' man Serrels!

          I'd be more concerned we wouldn't be able to understand him :P

    Congratulations Freeze! He definitely deserves it!

    Three cheers for the people's champion FREEZE!!! Someone get this man a beer (or whatever his choice of poison is) and keep em comin til he leaks drool out the side of his mouth as he tries his best to say WHEN!!!!

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