Community Kudos

Community Kudos

Hello my good friends. Welcome to Community Kudos.

First, a confession. I don’t eat as much bacon as I would like. First reason is that my wife hates bacon, so I don’t get to cook it very often. Second reason is, I’ve become a really boring health freak.

Why am I talking about bacon? Well, mainly because the first nom today was actually for bacon.

This week has been all about Bacon.

When you think about it, every week is all about bacon – deep down – but this week is especially about bacon thanks to Anonymous Pessimist and ShiggyNinty. Their world-changing Baconweave Dreams dropped this week and it’s been on permanent loop in my brain – it’s crazy addictive.

So for this week’s Kudos I think it’s clear where I want my noms to go: that’s right, this week I’m Noming Bacon.

Seriously, ShiggyNinty and Anonymous Pessimist made a song about bacon.

James Flamestar and Shiggyninty – Baconweave Dreams (Ft The Baconettes) by JamesFlamestar

Let’s talk real noms. Not food noms. Food is great, especially if it’s bacon, but it’s not a human being so it can’t win Kudos.

Might as well start with Anonymous Pessimist.

This guy received a fair few noms for hosting the launch of Doc What’s Zombie movie ‘Julie vs. The Dead’. Noms from AlexPants and Greenius were lovely, but I think Cakesmith put it best…

Pez! For being just a little bit shit. And because he hosted the TAYFilm movie premier at his house and was once again an awesome host, letting AlexPants, Powalen and myself stay for the night, forcing him to forgo his Sunday morning no underwear ritual.

He also made a song about bacon. In case you forgot about that.

Cakesmith actually made some pretty pro noms all round…

– Bish! For being the bishiest bish that ever bished. Also because he gifted my a copy of Assassin’s Creed 3 from Canadia because he is a nice fellow and regional digital pricing just needs to disappear already.
– Doc What! For making the TAYfilm. I had an absolute blast watching him film it and it was also awesome to watch. I can’t wait for next years!
– Shiggy! Beards. Bacon.
– Powalen! For finally being non-elusive and going to a meat I was at. He is a pretty cool guy. He was wearing a dinosaur shirt!
– AlexPants! Or Pantaloons as I like to call him. He is a handsome bearded gentlemen and an all round pretty good guy. Except for that lactose intolerance thing. I feel genuine sorrow for him not being able to eat real cheese. He also puts up with my making fun of his lack of cheese eating abilities. He had a cheeseless pizza on Saturday night. I saw him once order a cheeseless pizza once where he tried to substitute cheese with extra sauce. It didn’t work.
– LastQuestion! Have you seen his beard?!?!
– Rize! He is also bearded.
– Ser Nobulus – For randomly gifting me a copy of Darksiders 2 on Steam. What a guy!

– Effluvium Boy – His sultry voice. Also it was his birthday. And he’s a pretty cool guy.

– Rocketman – Reasons.

Extensive noms.

Has anyone seen the Notorious R’s facial hair recently? JESUS. It’s mega. Anyways, on topic, he sent some noms…

Notorious R




It makes sense that noms for Raygun would be in all caps.

It was actually Effluvium Boy who sort of drew my attention to Notorious R’s new found facial hair, via his own nom. Usually Flu is a man of few-nom-words. This time round? He was almost verbose.

Effluvium Boy
I’m afraid this one cannot be summed up in a word or two. It pains me so.

For this week’s Community Kudos I would like to nominate NotoriousR, for his interminable generosity and all-round affable nature.

NotoriousR has always been well aware of my First Class ticket on the Dishonored Hype Train. I boarded said train many moons ago. So when I made public my difficult decision to not procure the game at launch – for a variety of reasons – NotoriousR took it upon himself to alleviate my self-inflicted trauma and send me a copy of the game as a gift!

Not only this, but I received this magnificent gift on my birthday! Coincidence? I think not! (It was totally a coincidence)

A true gentleman.

Also, have you seen the facial hair he’s rocking right now? It’s fuckin’ awesome!

I was seriously shocked at how many words Flu actually wrote in his nom email. But then he got back to me with a second email. That one was far more in character.

Effluvium Boy

Oprah noms. Oprah noms can be described thusly: a set of noms so extensive, so overwhelming that one simply breaks down. On can no longer control the fuzzy feeling of noms so they simply nom everyone. You get a nom, you get a nom! Everyone gets a nom!

Oprah noms.

Gonna keep this short! I realised I’ve been on TAY for a year as of this week and just wanted to thank you and everyone else for making life awesome – I’ve done things I never expected to do this year (like make a freaking short film!) and made dozens of new friends. So, uh, consider this an Oprah nom, I guess?

Alex also had some ‘specific noms’.

Specific noms:
Obligatory Cake Nom – I know it’s obligatory but this is an important one this week
Doc – for aforementioned movie
Pez – for hosting screening night of aforementioned movie
Flu – for birthday
Shane – for writing great things

Okay, a lot of noms this week. I’ll do one and then it’s time for a nom intermission.

I’d like to nominate the Brisbane TAYbies again, for another get together we had last weekend. These guys are some of the kindest, warmest folks you’ll ever meet. It was particularly good meeting DAN! and Jimu for the first time, as well as seeing Sughly, Trjn, Ser Nobulus and Freeze again! I feel lucky to be apart of this group.

Okay nom intermission. I’ve been listening to this all day erryday

Let’s start with a little story. One in which Scree needed a bit of help so F4ction headed round a got the job(s) done.

SUPER DUPER UBER HAPPY FUN TIME NOMS to F4ction for coming to my house to help with a few odd jobs around the house. it took roughly 3-4 hours to complete them all.

I tried giving him money but he refused to accept it. These small jobs that he did will make life a heck of a lot easier for Mum and I so I wanted to try and get that across.

Then F4ction only goes and emails me this!

So Scree was saying how she’s going to nom me for kudos for some help I’ve been giving her around the house but I’m totally just doing it to be nice. SO if you do choose me or what have you, can you just like… send it to her or something? I’m going through this whole thing where I appreciate what I’ve got and try to be nice stuff.


Oh, almost forgot Scree also nommed Freeze — for giving stuff away all the time!

As did Aleph-Null. I think this tweet conversation does a good job of explaining things.

What else? Shiggy nommed Pez for his work on the aforementioned bacon song. All caps because Shiggy.


Beavwa did the think I like where he nominated someone for simply making really good comments in a specific post…

I feel a need to nominate phlaiman (I only see lower case account names on Mobile Kotaku, feel free to correct me on that one)
for comments in the “Ubisoft CEO on the price of the Wii U” article.

And Greenius sent in some UGH noms…

Everyone involved in TAYfilm!

NegativeZero for arranging TAY secret santa!

D.C. for being the worst… UGH!
(please emphasize the being the worst bit)

I have no idea what the UGH means. I’m going to assume it’s a lovely inside joke!

Thanks to Nova for this nice nom — and good luck in your new job!

You may or may not know, but I moved to Orange this week, starting a new job at the Harvey World Travel office out here. The house I’m staying in doesn’t have any wifi set up, so I’m using the oppurtunity to play through some offline games that I’d been neglecting, such as Katawa Shoujo and To The Moon. I also have the Clannad visual novel game to play as well. Thinking that Visual Novels are a great way of getting some good games that don’t require the internet to play, I put out the call on TAY and Saturday answered in spades. He linked me to a couple of pictures that each had a list of about 20+ different VN’s. I’m heading home this weekend so I will definitely be grabbing a few while I’m there. So noms to Saturday for giving me a ton of things to fill in my spare time with.

And finally, thanks to Strange for recognising the super hard work that Ben White and Rob Hussey our design team put into the new mobile site and all the cool new features they’ve built. Really appreciate it!

With the greatest of regrets I fear I must inform you I have not been present for enough of this week to put forth a nomination for that grandest of rewards, Kudos.

I do instead proffer those incredible gentlemen Mr White and Mr. Hussey whose implementation of much-petitioned features to our fair residence has accorded the people much joyousness. Alas, those gentlemen are ineligible for the honour and reward, however I feel to not honourably mention them would be rather remiss of me.

Wow, this may be one of the longest Kudos posts in recent history! I think this week it has to be Anonymous Pessimist! Congrats, and have a great weekend everyone!

Community Kudos is your chance to reward Kotaku readers/posters who have done incredible things throughout the past week: sporadic acts of kindness, deft commenting skills — if someone deserves to be called out for being an incredible human being, Community Kudos is the place to do it. Send nominations directly to me at this address! The winner gets a cool prize from my massive box of stuff.*

Disclaimer — I’m am really bad at sending stuff out, I have a list, I haven’t forgotten, I’m totally getting round to it. Sorry everyone!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used for Community Kudos –- you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


  • Oh man, it arrived on your birthday? Maybe Australia post are good at stuff!

    ALSO HOORAY FOR EVERYBODY BEING AWESOME (Especially f4ction, that sounds like a really nice thing to do)

    Also also the biggie smalls/thomas the tank engine think IS THE GREATEST THING EVER

    • You can’t do that! (Even though you already did.) D=
      I don’t think you realise what a help it has been. Mum and I were blinded by the toilet because we were so used to it not having a light. We can actually close the door and see!

      Also Congratulations Pez! Sounds like a fun week all round.

    • Did you get the keyring for Dishonored, as well? Or was it a digital gift?

      Because I still have yours here. I was going to wait for your Smelly Meat and bribe someone going to give me your address seeing as you refused me. 😀

    • A quick ctrl-F tells me that nobody placed any noms for popcorn. I find that very disappointing.

      So I nom popcorn for taking over Pez’s house at the zombie movie screening. And probably Pez for hosting us and the popcorn.

  • having just joined this site I’m new to community kudos. My goal in life now, is to get Nom’d/win this coveted award.

  • @markserrels

    Ugh as in that groan/sigh of disappointment when something is the worst. Like ughhhhh!

    Also smart to put the Bacon song up the top so I could listen while reading. Except you interupted it with another song! I only got to 2:55 before reaching the YouTube video. Can’t have conflicts, man!


    Grats Pezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  • “Food is great, especially if it’s bacon, but it’s not a human being so it can’t win Kudos.”

    I don’t understand?
    Hmm, that’s not even a question: I don’t understand.

    Congratulations (I guess), Pez!

    also Bacon

  • I still think Pez’s greatest achievements are the Savannah Cat adventures. I probably should have bookmarked those or something. Glorious. Anyway, congrats you giant douchebag, and hurry up and make an album, dammit!

    You probably won’t even read this, will you?
    First you came (ha!) and posted a storm. Then you abruptly left. And then somehow we got you back. And now you’ve left again. I think. You never quite know with the Anonymous Pessimist. Return to TAY, owner of Jeeves!

    • @anonymouspessimist !!

      EDIT: …OR NOT? 😛


      EDIT2: Screw it, I tried! Ha 😛

      Last time he won kudos he didn’t know until someone told him. Guy thinks he’s too cool for TAY… pfft!

      EDIT3: Last guess!


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