Community Kudos

Community Kudos
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Okay dokey. Another week down. Let’s get this Kudos show on the road!

Bloody Steam sales. I know that when Steam sales come around I can expect millions upon millions of noms from everyone. Why? Because you guys are all too bloody generous that’s why. You are all way too good at being decent human beings to one another. This internet thing is supposed to be a cut throat universe where everyone is one troll away from a perma-ban. This isn’t right? Are we on the internet? This isn’t right at all.

One of my favourite noms this week came from Sughly (aka Kramsdesign, the creator of Anna’s Quest). I liked it because I like getting emails from Sughly. He’s a real swell guy.

Long time no nom! How’s life? Having a baby I see. That’s cool, that’s cool. Crazy life this, riding skateboards behind cars one day and nearly dying, having babies the next.

So anyways, this nom is way way WAY delayed, but very deserving nonetheless. My nom goes to Strange for gifting me Kid Icarus, and refusing to take anything in exchange for it. I still feel guilty about just taking it. AND she gave me 2 six packs of beer leftover from a meat. Just such a selfless, giving lady she is, so much love for Strange. So all the noms to her! Please ignore everyone elses noms and just give her the kudos, because I said so. And she cant make the massive Freeze meat this weekend, so this will help. And she was down about something earlier in the week, but because I’m a bit of a lamo I dont remember why, but whatever just give her free stuff pls kthxbai

Hey man — just because I’m a Dad that doesn’t mean I can’t ride skateboards behind cars and nearly die. That is my God given right as a complete idiot!

Another guy who hadn’t nommed in a while was FatShady, who is always mired in some crazy scheme. At the moment he’s all about Macklemore for some reason, and he’s gotten his son, codename MiniShady, in on the act.

Hahaha! I guess we can count this as this week’s Kudos intermission!

Oh, FatShady’s noms… here they be!

Suuper dooper kudos nom for NotoriousR

I have been going on about Mackkemore and Ryan Lewis for a few months and he obviously enjoyed my TAY marketing enough to gift me Serrels of the Ninja to say thanks! Turns out these dudes topped the Aussie charts so my cool independent hip hop referral could have come from 2DayFM but whatever!

Alright, time for some Steam sale gift fairy noms.

Noms this week for some gift fairies that visited me during the steam sales: Greenius and Crazyguy1990.

Quick noms for Cake, Rize and NotoriousR for steam gifts. And one to #35 for proving he’s able to grow one kickass beard.

Noms shout out to crazyguy for gifting me Witcher 2 on Steam! He’s a fantastic guy, although a little crazy. Keep up the good work!

DC’s noms were also Steam sale gift fairy noms, but I also have to admire his persistence in helping make Tobiasfunke’s dream of winning Community Kudos a reality.

I’d like to nominate @shane! The man unexpectedly gifted The Walking Dead last Friday. I was blown away by the insane generosity of the man, especially since he had to sign up to Steam just to do it — promptly unfriending everyone and leaving afterwards. (Some might call that crazy, but I call it awesome.) I’m humbled, man. Thank you! Also @freezespreston for gifting the Thief trilogy and @crazyguy1990 for gifting Chivalry. (It’s also his 22nd Birthday today, so make that two noms for the guy! Happy birthday!)

Once again I’d like to nominate my new pal @spagett for being a cool guy. Also @tobiasfunke again for reasons.

Spagett is a cool guy!

No-one told me that The LastQuestion had a name change! (He also made some Steam sale gift fairy noms).

Beardy McMuttonchops (the artist formerly known as TheLastQuestion)


Firstly, Beavwa for gifting me a copy of Terraria. What an awesome dude.

Next, a three-for-one. Shiggyninty, Doc What and AlexAndHisPants. Their continued work on the Potaku community podcast and community website is phenomenal.

NEXT! McGarnical, Blood Apathy and Fatshady for being my Black Ops 2 buddies until I threw a tantrum about having Nuketown 2025 taken away and returned it. Those were some good times, boys.

It seems like this week was the week where a lot of the old school TAY folks came back in force. We had Sughly and FatShady, and then we had Chuloopa.

Hi mate,

I really need to come up with a new subject when i’m sending these things through. “Never gonna nom you up” crossed my mind – but that has more of a negative connotation, if anything.
How about Nyom Cat? NomNom Style? Epic Nom Guy?
Mannnnn some sax would be GREAT right about now.
But i’m not here to talk brass with you – although we should set up a tea-date to further discuss the matter.
I’m here to talk noms.

I have to admit. At this point, I had no idea what he was talking about.

So i haven’t been on Kotaku at all since last Wednesday as Bee and I have just taken our first ever proper vaction to the most-excellent Noosa.
Ok, i lie – i did make one post – a post announcing that I had finally popped the question to Bee and she had accepted. Needless to say i was quite chuffed and keen to share this news with the guys, and everyone was super awesome!

At this point he started making more sense — congrats Chuloopa!

But one guy was especially awesome – this week i’d like to nom the most-awesome NotoriousR – not only did he offer his congratulations, but he also gifted me with a copy of Mark of the Ninja as a grats pressie! Mannn i’d been looking at that game for a bit too!! How does this guy know?! Is he watching me?! Do you think he likes what i’m wearing right now? I sure hope so!
Notty is seriously one of the greatest, most genuine and giving dudes on the site – an absolute champ among champs – i can’t thank him enough, nor express how awesome this guy is!
What a guy!!

Are we calling NotoriousR ‘Notty’ now? Sure, why not.

You won’t believe this. You really won’t. This week Welbot actually sent his noms in on Monday. As opposed to 5.40 on a Friday, half an hour after I’ve actually posted Community Kudos. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

No, it’s not the end of the world. Just little ol’ me, breaking tradition to get in an early nom. For the first time since like… forever!!

This weeks lucky recipient is doing to be none other than the wonderful D.C.!

He was kind enough to gift me a copy of L.A Noire on the weekend for responding to an early morning tweet! What a guy!
I haven’t played it as yet, but I’m looking forward to it from what I’ve heard!

Anywho, just wanted to put that out there before I wind up forgetting later in the week, which I would no doubt do.

I sympathise with you Welbot. I too tend to totally forget things!

I tend to forget, for example, noms that come over Twitter. I always forget them. Jimu Hsien, another old school TAYbie nominated Masha over Twitter. He didn’t give a reason. I assume he did something nice. Let’s just say Masha gave Jimu a nice back massage. Yeah, that’ll work.

Two good folks nominated Milford Earle over Twitter. The nomination was for one of the greatest comments ever. Strange also mentioned the Milford in her noms…

Kudos for Ash for having incredibly good(read: same as me) taste, but also anti-Kudos(thanks, Batguy!) for Ash for thinking I’m a boy. 😛
And mega Kudos for Milford Earle for this comment of pure gold.
Honourable mention to The Hasbro Gamer for having the courage to ask what this Kudos stuff is all about.

Well, you know what? I think I’m just going to have to give this week’s Community Kudos to Milford Earle! Congratulations!

Oh, and before I go — who is riding the swan tonight?

Looks like Batguy…

Doc What…

And ShiggyNinty…

Are all set to ride the swan all weekend.

Editors note: Riding the swan is being hyped about the Wii U (I think!)

Community Kudos is your chance to reward Kotaku readers/posters who have done incredible things throughout the past week: sporadic acts of kindness, deft commenting skills — if someone deserves to be called out for being an incredible human being, Community Kudos is the place to do it. Send nominations directly to me at this address! The winner gets a cool prize from my massive box of stuff.*

Disclaimer — I’m am really bad at sending stuff out, I have a list, I haven’t forgotten, I’m totally getting round to it. Sorry everyone!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used for Community Kudos –- you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


  • Oh, man. Heart warming stuff, enough to sustain me through the weekend. 😛 Thanks for the nom, Welbot! Much appreciated. Congrats to every one, you guys are awesome!

  • Oops… totally forgot to nom!

    The people I was going to nom – you know who you are!

    Congrats PLAINVIEW?

    I hope he sees this week’s kudos and posts up a storm.

  • Wow. What a huge week! Congrats to everyone who got nominated, and Double Congrats to Milford!

    Have a super good weekend everyone!

  • Wow, congratulations Milford \o/

    Ha ha, Masha back massage. Awesome tag Mark. 🙂

    This community continues to be great. Enjoy your weekend everyone.

  • Are we calling NotoriousR ‘Notty’ now? Sure, why not.

    I’ve been calling him that for… Well, probably almost long enough to quantify as “years.”

    God I’m old.

    I also meant to nom him. He gave me a gmae(sic), but I forgot. Damn old man brain.

    So, anyway, groncatulations, Milford, if that is your real name.

    Not that it changes the cats, of course, but still.

  • Thanks, Mark, Strange, & the good folks who nominated me, I really appreciate it. And thanks to John for being a good sport, too — he didn’t mean nothing by what he said; he was just shootin’ from the hip, that’s just the kind of guy he is. That’s the way I see it.

    Really wish I’d written a story or something to make it look like I deserved a damn thing. But if you want to give the prize to ne’er-do-wells then all the better, certainly helps my cause. Once again, thank you, it’s a real nice thing — I mean that, I really do.

    Because, and the thing is, I think a lot of times people say things, but they don’t mean what they say. It comes out all wrong, and sometimes the journey takes you to an irreversible destination. Or, the destination seems irreversible, but it’s not. What I’m meaning to say is something to the tune of “the folly in holding fast to past indiscretions” — it’s a mistake & something we’re all guilty of here and there, I done it myself and I’ll do it again, if truth be told. It’s like doorways. Doorways are openings to very different places and sometimes these places are not what you expect them to be. Not at all.

    What I mean is “things were said that weren’t meant”, I can see that now as clear as day. Like doorways. That’s just the way it is. A real heat-of-the-moment scenario. Nothing more. I would describe it as something like an incidental doorway on a journey that could be seen as something more important.

    I guess what I really mean to say is that there’s a kind of unmistakeable vacancy without Rocketman, and he needs to get his “whack-ass back on that grind”. I know Rocketman to be a pimp, so he’ll understand what I mean in the context of having a “whack-ass”, and also the true nature of the “grind”. I don’t entirely know what it means, but it sounds like the kind of thing he might say. That’s the thing. And I hope I haven’t lost a thing or two in translation, as the case may or may not be. Not many people truly understand the “grind”.

    I would describe it in the context of doorways and horses. Sometimes, going through doorways, into different rooms, you fall off the horse. And maybe you’re in a different room. And maybe you’re not happy. But you got to get back on the horse. Because not getting back on the horse is something you can’t consider — it’s a certified non-consideration. Not getting back on the horse is something like I consider to be inside some kind of metaphorical “Danger Zone”. And the “Danger Zone” is another doorway into what could be illustrated as something not of “sound moral alignment” — I have seen the “Danger Zone”, and I know this to be a most radiant and gospel truth. In this context, the horse is everything. The horse was the way in. The horse is the way out.

    I can’t explain it any better than that on account of a certain pre-occupation I have with horses, and doorways, and the like. But there it is. That’s my story, and I told it like I seen it in my imaginations, but not as clear as what I found it to be. Maybe it’s all just lost in translation. Like the “grind”. Like all kinds of things. The world is not an easy place to explain. But I do understand a thing or two about horses and doorways. And I have been to the “Danger Zone”. And I have seen things. And I am guilty of things I do fashion to warn about in misplaced words here today.

    That’s all I mean to say. It’s the doorways, it always was. Like a metaphor, like a coldness I feel in the absence of the “Rocketman”. Like all these things that have me put upon, and destitute under the “grind”.

    Get back on that horse.

    Your old friend,

    Milford Earle.

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