Comparing Batman: Arkham City On Wii U, Xbox 360 & PS3

Seeing as many of the third-party launch games on Wii U are already out on the PS3 and/or 360, those games are going to have to do one of two things. Or maybe even both of them.

Those games are going to need to make real good use of the Wii U controller, and they're going to need to look better than the 360 and PS3 versions of games.

The jury is still out on the gamepad, but Batman: Arkham City at least looks ...a bit some places? Honestly, even in HD and at fullscreen, you're hard pressed finding many differences outside of some shinier character models.

Batman: Arkham City armoured Edition [GameTrailers]


    Surprisingly amazingly similar, nothing in the ps3 version you would miss on the wii u. Then again it is a technically a port so any improvement is optional I guess o.O

    The fuck man.

    seriously I had to go through 3 user names before they stopped giving me crap for inappropriate behavior.

    Lukes laughable attempt at journalism isnt funny anymore its just sad. And to see kotaku US refer to him as their man in australia and send him to EB...... WHY?

      Because he's Australian.

      They refer to him as that because he's from the ACT and resides there. Amazing right?

      Could you please link me to your articles?

      I'm looking forward to reading them.

        Do idiots like you still think that this kind of comeback is actually valid or legitimate?

        It's not. Saying "I'd like to see you do better" doesn't mean that the original effort is any less pathetic.

        I'd like to see your articles as well. You obviously write them if you're criticising others with that retort.

        Last edited 21/11/12 12:56 am

          Well I was always was brought up that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

          I've always thought that if you were going to criticize someone for doing something, you better be able to do a better job of it otherwise you should keep your mouth shut. It's just good manners.

    Ok, just go to the US page if you really want to see the article with video embedded properly:
    If you go there you'll notice that the US site has different formatting to the AUS version you know and love. Luke formats his articles for the US site only. He has no control over the AUS site not loading custom fields properly.

    For everyone else wanting to moan and groan from their armchairs, how about this: put up, or shut up.

    Apply for a job at Kotaku US if you're so awesome.

    Hell, write six articles a day for a month, every day, and post them in TAY. Seriously - do it.

    Either you'll be the best author ever and get the job, or you'll find out how difficult it is.

      This is just lazy commenting. At least take the time to really put some biting remarks or sarcasm in there, or make reference to pop culture or internet memes. Honestly, you're bringing the whole tone of this forum down with your comment.

      While I do believe it's hard to write articles, surely if one titles his article as comparing screenshots it should be a link to another article that actually has the shots.

      But considering a Plunkett Article can be "I like this Picture" I think I could easily find a bunch of cool game related pics on Deviant Art and link them.

      Edit: Oh and on his article about the PC Version of AC3 he had both Video and Screenshots, meaning your going to see what the article is about, not follow a link. And nobody is complaining there.

      Last edited 20/11/12 12:46 am

    in response to the put up or shut up..... theres actually been quite a few people, myself included who have asked for his job.

    Expecting to get a hey, why don't you send us an article and we'll see if your better.

    No reply... now I can understand them going meh, just another wannabe.

    But when journalism is this quality?

    I've seen poorly xeroxed letter drops from the church of scientology handed out in rundle mall telling us why we're depressed because we worship the wrong celebrities written better than his articles.

      Or it could be because you don't know the difference between 'your' and 'you're'.

      The difference between knowing your shit, and knowing you're shit.

    I don't mind Plunket's articiles, it means more to read :D

    And with that 75% of the comments are deleted.

    Luke, can I interview you for an article? you have my email address say Hi.

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