Create And Share Your Own 3D Browser-Based Games With Gameglobe

Gameglobe is a place where everyday folks like you and me can play, create and share unique 3D games (like that one up top) with people all over the world. Square Enix and Bigpoint have just launched the site’s open beta, so it’s game on for everybody.

Just head over to, sign up for a free account, create an avatar and then inject him or her into the countless 3D games currently available on the service. Or give game creation a stab, using a suite of incredibly easy-to-grasp tools. Users can share, comment, and create their way to higher levels, unlocking more tools that can be applied to even greater creations.

The titles I’ve sampled so far range from simple running games to incredibly intricate adventures. There’s a whole lot of potential here. You should poke at it.


    This actually looks great. I'd love to see more custom content for the player models and characters (if that is already on the website then I really should have looked at it rather than just the trailer), but this looks like it has a hell of a lot of potential.

    A sequel to Terra Incognita perhaps.

    Only runs on 32bit windows browsers apparently, the whole point of browser based games is having access to everyone with a computer so why would you fragment your userbase like that =.=

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