Darth Vader To Return From The Dead For New Star Wars Movies?

Chalk this up as either crazy or just wishful thinking, but Britain's Daily Express is reporting that, according to a "film mole", the new Star Wars movies will see the return of Darth Vader.

You know, the guy who - SPOILERS - dies at the end of Return of the Jedi. So much so we see his body burning to a crisp. Then we see his ghost.

This "mole" says "He's an integral part of the franchise. Replacing him is virtually impossible," before adding "The plan is for him to return and play a significant role in the new films."

If there is a God, and there's even a grain of truth in this, he/she is hopefully doing all he/she can to stop this.



    This problem happens a lot. Where some people think they know what really made something popular or a great franchise, so they focus everything around that one thing. A lot of people think Wolverine is the only reason why X-Men is even liked, some people think Darth Vader is the only reason why people would even put up with something called "Star Wars".

      To be fair, I think there is some truth to the Wolverine one. I know myself and many of my friends are pretty much only there for some Wolverine.

        Pfft wolverine, Gambit all the way

          agreed, im still waiting on my spinoff of a spinoff, the Deadpool movie

    Clones... Although that doesn't make sense, because a clone would look like Darth without the need for his mask and crap.

    Grand Admiral Thrawn is far more intimidating that Vader anyway.

      The mask would be the point though, form an in-universe point of view. Forgetting for a moment that no one could be stupid enough to undo the redemption arc that is the entire point of the first three, if not all six movies, then a crumbling & leaderless post-RoTJ Empire may just want to prop someone else up in the suit as a figurehead/symbol to rally behind. Or an imposter wants to muscle in and take over. The suit allows for that because that's the imposing image people were in fear of and who would really know what Vader looked like under there anyway.

    That's it, stop the planet I'm getting off

    This is great news! I'm totally not going to shoot myself in the face now.

    Star Wars and the Force has always been rather mystical and fantasy like, so I could see this working. Keeping in mind that Anakin/Vader is the Chosen One and his creation mirrors Jesus, a Second Coming sort of makes sense.

    What a great idea! They'll be lining up around the block to watch this one! Who cares that it makes no sense! Michael Bay should direct it as he's good at making movies that don't make much sense

    I was going to comment, I really was, but I just can't do it. All I can do is facepalm.

    Sounds like a lazy idea to me (ala Death Star II). Can't think of anything new? Repeat the past. Rinse. Repeat.

    Oh well... sure someone will like it. I have "my" Star Wars films, the Disney kids can have theirs :)

    It's just a rumour, and I honestly can't see it happening at all.

    if the new movie(s) story fits between what happens in ep3 and ep4 then i could see this work, as there is a large time gap that can be filled

    Isn't there some good book set after Return of the Jedi that they could make into movies?

      Yes, Heir to the Empire by Timothy Zahn. (Spoiler: Vader isn't in it.)

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    They need Grand Admiral Thrawn. The only reason he exists is because in post-Jedi times, Darth Vader doesn't.

    I might just kill myself if they go with a Vader return.

    Great news! Star Wars is one of the most over hyped movies / franchise ever. Considering I was an 8 year old boy when the original Star Wars movie appeared in 1977, I would arguably be pretty much the perfect demographic for the series. While I admit I enjoyed the first 3 films as a kid with The Empire Strikes Back for me being the pick of them, I can't help but think that the entire franchise is just completely over rated. It should have been laid to rest after the third film Episode VI in my opinion.

    i found anakin during his rise to to vader was a much better character. So dark and evil. Would much prefer to see someone in a similar role being the villian in the new movies. The whole vader saga has been written, time for something new.

      I tend to agree on the Anakin thing, but I don't think you'll find many others who do.

    A clone would be one option, even if they bring Vader back, doesn't necessarily mean it will be Anakin behind the mask, maybe they'll go the dark knight path and look at Vader as a symbol rather than a man lol.

    You guys realise this 'mole' is probably pulling this idea out of his butt, right? Brace yourselves, you're going to hear a lot of stupid, stupid claims about these scripts (that haven't been written yet) over the next few years.

      True. It's still going to be fun to watch the unbridled nerd-rage, though.


    thinking back, im sure the earliest post-startwars novels included vader's return.

    not as a person, but as a force ghost. haunting Leia and helping her come to terms with both the fact her own father was vader and with her force sensitivity.

    who's to say they're bringing Vader back alive? He may very well just return as a ghost

    Story-wise I don’t think it would take a huge leap to make this work. That said, the mere concept is awful.

    I could see it working if they were to send a squad of jedi to Sith Ruins which Vader had been to look for an artefact. Then they could jump time lines back and forth from present to past like they do in the games.

    They said the thought Anakin was the chosen one. He wasn't, it was Luke who returned balance to the force.

    I'm surprised though that they disn't get the author of the x-wing series of books involved, since they should make for a good starting point for any sequels. Or Jedi Acadamy etc, lots of good sequel books out there

      Hate to go all "from a certain point of view" but at the end Return of the Jedi there are 2 Sith and one Jedi left in the Galaxy,Vader kills one Sith leading to one Jedi/one Sith, perfect balance.

      Vader restored balance. He killed all the Jedi who'd lost their way in the force and were too blinded at that point to see a shift coming. Then later he killed the Emperor at the cost of his own life who was an extreme point in the other direction, thus restoring faith to the one major force user left who had experienced both the dark and light side and was horrendously under trained and mostly not tainted by the indoctrination of a failing, misguided Jedi organisation or the extreme Sith. The Council did not believe Anakin was the chosen one and then Ben and Yoda wrongly believed it was Luke. The Jedi were mostly always in the wrong, and that is why they failed and why they had to go. Also, balance in the Force is not the same as balance between Jedi and Sith. Presumably there are many force sensitives/users who never entered those organisations (Leia for one).

      No it was Vader/Anakin, who returned the balance. Who finished off the Emperor? The problem was Vader returned the balance to the force by taking out both sides.

      Edit: Didn't see all the other posts, I agree with them.

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    Its all about the merchandise. You wouldn't waste $4bn not to sell buttloads of new vader action figures, etc

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