Defend Your Home And Loved Ones With A Real Skyrim Axe

Prop builder Harrison Krix is continuing his one-man mission to bring Skyrim to life, one weapon and piece of armour at a time, with this incredible recreation of a Steel Axe from Bethesda's sprawling RPG.

Commissioned by a fan to make one, Krix actually went out and made three, one for the client, one for public sale and another to be given away for charity.

If you think the images here look great, you should see how he made the thing.

Steel Axe, Skyrim [Volpin Props]

Comments this iconic in any way, or just a run of the mill weapon in-game?

      It's relatively run of the mill (generic Steel Axe) but instantly recognisable as a weapon from Skyrim.

      This one looks a hell of a lot cooler than its in-game inspiration.

    Its the weapons used by the town gaurd isnt it? for... whiterun?.... sorry been months since i've played and cant remember.
    you get one in game once you become the city's champion.

    but i liked that shield so much in game that i actually mounted it in my house in the same city :D
    very details and fine work, would very much like one of these.

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