Devil May Cry DLC Will Let You Play Dante's Twin Brother

Some might say it's a little strange to announce downloadable content before your game is out. Some might call it rude, obnoxious, greedy, money-hungry, whatever.

Not Capcom! They want you to know all about the first piece of Devil May Cry DLC, called "Vergil's Downfall," which will cost $US8.99/720 Microsoft Points — unless you pre-order the game, in which case it'll be free. Devil May Cry is out January 15, 2013, for PS3 and Xbox 360. Trailer above.


    Typical Capcom. Just announced yourself out of a sale. Will wait for Delux/Complete edition

      It has to sell well enough to make a revised edition worth it in the first place. There's a weird game theory problem with not buying it so you can buy it :P

        It's a Capcom game, you should always skip the first release since they'll rerelease it later with all DLC unlocked

          Eh, it's a pre-order bonus that you nonpre-order people can buy, I don't see a problem with that

      I've always liked the look of DMC, but I tried playing DMC4 and something just turned me off. I guess it felt too repetitive.

    Can't wait for this to come out so that all the whiners can shut up.

      Yeah, luckily after something is released everyone always stops complaining about it.

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