Diablo 3 Has Now Sold 10 Million Copies

Diablo 3 Has Now Sold 10 Million Copies

At Activision Blizzard’s recent financials call, Bobby Kotick confirmed that Diablo 3 has now passed the 10 million mark in sales.

Kotick claimed that sales have been “record-shattering” since the game’s release in May 2012. According to Activision Blizzard’s internal data Diablo 3 has been the biggest selling game in the US and Europe, both in terms of units sold and dollars earned.

Activision Blizzard has continued to perform well in what has been a good year for the company as a whole, generating more than $1 billion in cash flow. As a business Activision is in the black with $3.4 billion in cash and investments and zero debt.

Diablo 3 tops 10 million sales [CVG]


  • Activision Blizzard, publisher of CoD and WoW, reports huge profits. THQ, publisher of Metro and Darksiders, struggles to make ends meet. What is wrong with the world?

    • ActiBlizzard appeals to the lowest common denominator of gaming (& I dont mean that as an insult to anyone). they look at all the best selling games, find out what elements they all have in common, release a game that is nothing but those elements, then they release that same game anually.

      though with the recent downward trend in both critc reviews & sales for the CoD / Battlefield franchises, I live in hope that gamers as a whole are starting to finally get a bit of realistic-modern-shooter fatigue, and the pubishers will start changing up the formula a bit in the near future.

    • also of note is that while I dislike a lot of what ActiBlizz has done. If you look at it from a business perspective, they have some good business minds there. THQ on the other hand for a long period of time made non-stop ridiculously stupid business decisions. Like throwing away money they don’t have in order to be a ‘big man’

      • I’m not implying that it’s not working for them, nor am I implying that ActiBlizz are fools. I am implying that their entire business seems based around the idea of amalgamating a bunch of existing ideas into a franchise that they then milk for years with minimal effort. From a business perspective, it’s bloody genius. From a consumer’s perspective, it’s soulless, callous, and down-right predatory.
        My (initially rhetorical) question was more an expression of disbelief that so many people still buy their games, despite all this, and that publishers that don’t follow similar tactics are so often swept under the rug.

      • This is what I was going to say. Activision have some excellent business people who know how to properly run the company. THQ on the other hand, doesn’t. They continue to make baffling decisions which causes me to lose any sympathy I have with them.

        There’s also the ridiculous amount of market research that Activision do. They don’t make any blind decisions. They’re all perfectly calculated to maximize profits. Say what you want about Activision, but it’s a very good business.

  • I put about 70 hours into D3, got up to Inferno & quit.
    it just became not fun, going through the same 4 short acts, going up against increasingly cheap game mechanics, which artificially added play time (rather than more content, take longer to play the same content because of cheap difficulty).

    In hindsight, I was pretty disppointed in the game. Mainly because I loved D2, & this was such a watered down version of it.

    the low drop rates pushing players toward the auction houses was also annoying.

    I gave D3 a chance, & it didnt deliver, & I know I’m not the only one who feels that way (I’d guess about 85-90% of the player base has quit)

    I’ll be interested to see how many units this expansion sells. Maybe Bliz could find better ways to spend their money.

    • Exactly. I know that sales numbers are important from a financial point of view obviously but I do wonder how many are still actually playing the game.

      • Yeah, I’ve stopped playing as well. I’m not trying to trash the game or anything – I played till level 20 or something and my interest eventually died down. It just wasn’t for me, kind of boring to be honest, but that’s just my opinion.

  • The game was an absolute dog when it launched. No concept of endgame, terrible lag, an inferno setting that was aimed at the 0.001% of hardcore gamers and utterly stingy magic find.
    Since then, a succession of four patches have evolved the game considerably. The latest patch, 1.05 has changed the game so much for the better. It’s won me back, and I’m sure the next four patches will do even more to tweak the game back to the glory of Diablo 2. I like it now.

    • Diablo 3 will never, ever be tweaked back to the glory of Diablo 2 1.13.
      They would actually have to change the whole game for that to be possible.

  • it was so bad i got to inferno then asked for a refund which they did. So many of my friends called it a bad game but refused to stick it to blizzard by asking for there money back and there we have blizzard financial success.

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