Disney Wants Empire Strikes Back's Writer To Pen A New Star Wars Movie

Oh boy.

Deadline is reporting that Disney has approached both Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg to see if they're interested in writing subsequent Star Wars sequels (Michael Arndt is handling Episode VII).

Kinberg's written X-Men and Sherlock Holmes movies, which is fine, but Kasdan wrote Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. That's better than fine.

Bear in mind that this is just a rumour, of course, but when $US4 billion is spent on securing the Star Wars franchise, you could tell me Disney wants to hire Vladimir Putin to play Grand Moff Tarkin and I wouldn't write it off.

Are Lawrence Kasdan, Simon Kinberg Being Courted To Script ‘Star Wars' Pics 2 and 3? [Deadline]


    I think the real challenge will be going to see this movie and not getting spoiled from the interwebs haha.

      I managed to stay 100% spolier-free for both Episode 2 and Episode 3 - and I frequented a Star Wars message board at the time. It'll certainly be a lot harder given how much more connected people are today through Social Media, Smartphones, etc. but I'd be willing to give it another shot.

        Watching those movies spoiled them for me :(

    Except for the obviously difficulties with Tarkin being around in ep7, I fully support Putin as Grand Moff Tarkin

    I knew Lucas was getting on a bit, but I didn't expect to see him standing next to a youngish Abraham Lincoln in that photo.

    LIKE! Kasdan is a smart cookie.

      I knew Disney were listening to me.

      I better get a credit in the film!

        I will scrawl your name in tiny letters on the back of my DVD case when the movie comes out, if that helps.

    Seems Disney is hell bent on giving star wars fans what they want......lets hope they do :)

    Sounds plausible, and hopefully they can work best on the dialogue. I think if they can keep mix the best of the original trilogy (Episode V), and the best of the prequel trilogy (Episode III), than they've got a winner.

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