Disney Wants To Make More "Two Or Three" Star Wars Movies A Year

The next Star Wars movie, Episode VII, is just the tip of a money-coloured iceberg Disney plans to harvest in the wake of its takeover of the franchise from George Lucas.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Lucas' anointed successor, Kathleen Kennedy, says that the company wants to produce "two or three films a year", which certainly suggests we can expect all kinds of Star Wars output over the next decade.

Which is exactly what I was hoping for when this deal was announced. Let the main movies come and go, but potentially more interesting would be the other movies that get made, from children's animated flicks (maybe with a Pixar touch) to darker, more adult content that long-time fans have only been able to get in comics and books.

The full interview with Kennedy will appear in the next issue of EW.

Star Wars, the once and future franchise [EW]


    I think I'm reading this quite differently to the author of the article, but 2-3 films a year != 2-3 STAR WARS films a year.

    Looks to me like they as a production company want to do different things. Besides, even though I'm a Star Wars fan I wouldn't see 3 Star Wars movies in a year.

    Make a KOTOR movie already, dammit! Far and away my favourite thing to come out of the SW universe.

    I've got a bad feeling about this...

      Hear this and many more lines from previous movies surely to be milked and hammered into your head in a desperate hope to make you believe you're watching someing of equal quality to the original movies in the new movies. Only from Disney.

    Actually, after RTFA, 2-3 films is mentioned NOWHERE.

    Have you linked the wrong one, or has it been sneaky edited at their end?

    I see it as .... Episode VII etc is following a main arc... but the other movies each year would focus on different story arcs in the universe. Han solo before he met Luke etc as a prequel side story.

    There are so many stupid rumours going around - about bringing darth vadar back or making 2-3 movies a year. This is just retarded prattle. The source in this article leads to nothing that says anything like what it's claiming.

      The full quote is on the US site- Lucasfilm wants to produce 2-3 films/year but not 2-3 Star Wars films/year

        Thanks, that does make much more sense. I really like some of lucasarts works - some of their original book series.

    This is the start of the new "digital on demand" model.

    Not all "two to three" films will be theatrical releases. What you'll see is LucasFilm Animation releasing films as exclusives, to members on services like Hulu (which Disney has a 27% share).

    I'd say at least one film will be a theatrical, and at least one, a digital exclusive through a WDC subsidiary like Hulu (or whatever Disney purchases next.)

    C'mon Willow 2.

      Not a bad idea. It's quite a charming fantasy world.

      Labyrinth 2? not as keen on that.

        Labyrinth 2? Hmmmmm who would don the codpiece?

    I bet they'll all be animated except for the main ones.

    Lego Star Wars, Clones Wars type things. As well as new properties under the banner. I also bet it may be done under the lucas film branch of Disney but may not even be star wars.

    Excuse me, Mr Plunkett. Just out of curiosity, how come you can/do read the comments on the AU site? I always thought that the US authors couldn’t see our comments (and probably didn’t want to either).

      I think it's a good thing, though. Shows he's a person and not just a by-line. I've noticed people have been less hostile too, so probably good for community building and the like!

        You’re actually right. I suppose I was more curious when he started reading these comments (was he reading them all along?) as a lot of the comments were getting incredibly hostile but the running theme was that he wasn’t reading them anyway.

          Don't get me wrong, I have no idea why he'd want to read them, though. :P

          Maybe it was coz of Sandy. They were piggybacking off the AU site while their's was down for a day or two.
          Perhaps then they realised they had other readers and other comments to some of the same articles.

      I've been reading them for years on and off, but started actively commenting a few months back when I found out about my little fan club over here :)

        I don't think I'd be able to handle all the attention

          eh, it's not really attention. From 4-5 million readers, a few angry internet commenters isn't too big a problem!

    "Which is exactly what I was hoping for when this deal was announced."

    I hate to be an editor snub but that's a shocking way to start a paragraph.

    Day of the Tentacle film. Make it so.

    I honestly can't believe the absolute denial from people in this Lucasarts takeover. EVERYTHING points to Disney making low quality content as fast as possible so they can whore this property out for everything they can get, yet people seem to be able to go to amazing lengths to interpret this as the greatest thing to happen to Lucasarts.

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