Dizzy Creators Set Up A Kickstarter For A New Dizzy Game

This is a real challenge for my sensibilities. On the one hand I'm more than a little sick of Kickstarters trading on nostalgia, but on the other hand THIS IS DIZZY AND I WANT IT!

The Oliver Twins, creators of the series and its multiple sequels, have set up a Kickstarter to create a brand new Dizzy for PC and mobile.

Dizzy might not have been popular in Australia but in the UK, where I grew up, Dizzy was as popular as Mario. It was the game we all grew up playing, talking about in the playground — it was massive. Right now, I'm feeling the lure of nostalgia, the kind of nostalgia I've been whinging about when other developers pop up on Kickstarter trying to reboot certain franchises.

But on their Kickstarter page the Oliver twins are pretty adamant this game will do more than trade on nostalgia.

"We want to stay true to the spirit and core ideals of the original series, whilst utilising the platforms, technology and resources we now have at our disposal," they wrote. "We believe that Dizzy Returns is a perfect fit for mobile gaming, and touch screen technology obviously means that we can experiment with and implement new mechanics and new ways of playing in Dizzy Returns."

The twins admit that they're looking to move beyond some of the game's flaws and create something that's able to stand on its own two feet.

"Whilst we love the original series of Dizzy games too, they were far from perfect – there were lots of technical and financial limitations at the time that prevented us from adding all the things we would have liked," they said.

"We want to match the magical feeling of the classic games, but also bring the controls, the pace and even the underlying structure of the game up-to-date for gamers today.

"We’re also very aware that we’re dealing with the stuff of childhood here; nostalgic reminiscences of formative years (not to mention our own), and in some cases, the earliest memories of playing computer games! We’ll do everything we can to respect those Dizzy memories. We don’t want to replace them; we want to create fantastic new ones that will hopefully be looked back on in 20 years with the same warm feelings."


    Yahtzee's let's play of Fantasy World Dizzy, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQ4qvmUQDGg&list=PLFEBE1DF56114DE86&index=1&feature=plpp_video

      Mentioning Yahtzee in the first comment? You've got your finger on the button.
      My hat off to you, good sir.

    Treasure Island Dizzy!!

    I loved the Dizzy series when I was a kid, so damn fun exploring!

    The art style should be all hand-drawn 2D... not static backgrounds with 3D overlays... looks like it could be an cheap skinnerbox, unfortunately.

    Treasure island dizzy (Amiga 500) was one of my first loves. I could never complete it without cheating (pause the game and type "icanfly") but the franchise was the stuff of playground nerdgasms. I would love this to come back and would even be willing to put some cash in. I hope they don't fuck it up and make it too easy though. Oh I also grew up in blighty so my nostalgia is probably the same as yours and not these uncouth Aussies.

    I played the C64 versions as the UK mags hyped the series and there was that one kid in every 8 houses with a C64 had a disk with a Dizzy game or two on it.
    Never got to play the one with the blue background though. That was Holy Grail.

    The Megadrive game was the height of he series for me. Still play it.

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