Does Anyone Still Want A DSi XL? Because These Things Are Going Cheap...

When all is said and done I reckon the DS has a legitimate claim to being one of the greatest consoles ever released. Surely, at the very least, it's a shoe-in for the best handheld console? At the moment Harvey Norman are trying to offload a great number of DSi XLs for $128 a pop. Seriously — you could do a lot worse. The backlog of games on this bad boy is stratospheric.

So if never got the chance to experience games like Trauma Center, Ace Attorney, Ghost Trick, Mario Kart DS, New Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, Hotel Dusk, or any of the massive number of brilliant games released on the DS, this might be your chance.

Or you could totally just splash out on a 3DS instead. Totally your call.

Nintendo DSi XL [Harvey Norman]


    That's a pretty legitimate claim. That thing had some fantastic screens, and instead of being gimmicky actually used it's two screens to make some really great games.

    The 3DS however...

      Early days. #stillbetterthanvita

        Only good 3DS games are Japan-Only ala Rune Factory 4.

        Depends what you like I guess. Thus far I've had a lot more use out of my Vita than my 3DS, where the only game I've enjoyed at all has been Theatrhythm.

          Yeah, play my 3DS daily, that includes DS games though. Vita is a great console but only 1 game that interests me so far.

          Really thinkin of getting an Vita for Assassins Creed Liberation, and Wipeout 2048 (and Wipeout 2049 - is that even out yet?)

    Spirit Tracks gets a mention over Phantom Hourglass? Surely a typo.

    Does anyone want to buy my super rare, black and red DS, signed by.. ANDREW O'KEEFE?!?!

    I know ya'll be jelly.

    Picked up one at a mid-year toysale for about $130 at Target. Great investment and the gf loves it.

    So is this worth it? I have a Vita and really enjoy it, controls and everything.

    I always found the iXL to be uncomfortable and comically huge. Even though it's not actually much different in size to the original DS. Damn uncomfortable though.

    That said, when comparing the screens to the 3DS - sooooooooo much nicer. Firing up Four Swords for direct comparison, the colours look right on the iXL while the 3DS and 3XL look cooler, kind of bluish.

    False. There are plenty of really great games worth your time and money.
    Zelda:OoT, Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask and Resident Evil: Revelations.

    Nice. Xmas is coming up. Might pick on of these up for the kids.

    Although it'll just be something else they'll fight over. Can't stretch it to 2 though.

    I'm about to go buy one of these. I've never had a DS. Can Kotaku put together a list of really good games for me? I've really missed the boat on the whole DS thing. I might even play a Pokemon game, just so I know what the deal is there.

      I would recommend the Ace Attorney games, Ghost Trick and the Professor Layton games. Also Pokemans, anyone who has a DS must have the Pokemans :D

      There's tons of great games but it really depends on what genres you like to play, but those are the ones that stand out to me.

        I picked up MarioKart, Ghost Trick and Pokemon Black 2 :P I guess I'm interested in what games the console is really "known for" more than my personal preference at this point. Call it academic curiosity.

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          RPG: World Ends With You

          Shooting: Dementium 1 / 2, Moon

          Fighting: Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword

          Action: Alien: Infestation, GTA Chinatown Wars

          Platformer: Kirby Mass Attack

            Thanks Leigh :)

              Picking up all the DS title Pokemon series games might be a good choice

              Pokemon Black
              Pokemon White
              Pokemon White 2
              Pokemon Black 2
              Pokemon Diamond
              Pokemon Pearl
              Pokemon Platinum
              Pokemon SoulSilver
              Pokemon HeartGold

              My own little addition would also to get any Ace Attorney game and Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

          Dragon Quest IX, it holds a Guinness world record

    I've lost countless hours into those two screens over the years. Anyone who hasn't had a DS throughout its lifespan has SERIOUSLY been missing out,
    Elite Beat Agents, anyone? I may as well buy one of these XL's to destroy the touch screen of YET another unfortunate DS console. After all, it's been about three months since I played EBA and I'm getting the shakes.

    if the were to sell a game boy cartridge atachment id buy one

      Certain flash cards let you play GBA (and even SNES!) roms.

    Why do I have to work across the road from a Harvey Norman store? I just went and picked up a yellow model. Looking forward to playing all my games on the bigger screens. If anyone is looking for a Mario Kart DS session, hit me up.

      Mario Kart DS is my forte'. I'm up for it!

    Also, I forgot to mention: even though Harvey Norman is the cheaper deal at $128, it seems EB Games aren't far behind - they're seeing theirs for $148. When I asked the sales guy at Harvey Norman why they're selling them so cheap, he mentioned they have "too much stock and need to make room a new model that's coming." Not sure how much I want to read into the last part of his claim, though.

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