Don't Worry About GTA V Being Too Big, Rockstar Says

Rockstar's next game looks to be its biggest ever. In fact, it's supposed to outstrip the combined size of the three of the publisher's most massive releases. Some folks worried when they heard about GTA V's size.

Would the quality suffer? Would there be enough to do? Sure, there will, says one of Rockstar's co-founders in a new interview. There will be flying. And apparently, lots of it.

Talking to The Guardian, Dan Houser addresses those worries and explains why GTA V is going to be so darn vast:

And space is important, space is a big issue. Some have already questioned why GTA V needs to be so huge. But Houser bats the concerns right back. "We wanted to make a big place, as much as anything, to allow you to fly," he laughs. "A lot of the decisions, we're talking about them here on a philosophical level, but they're also practical decisions, too: we're making a game. You have to understand the medium. On an obvious level we wanted somewhere big so you can fly properly — we have a lot of missions that involve flying, in helicopters or whatever, it was logical. Also, Jet skis work better around LA than they would in New York.

Remember that multiple types of aircraft — a crop duster, fighter jet, private plane and a helicopter or two — have been shown in the GTA V screens and trailer we've seen so far. So, when taken in with Houser's comments, those clues seem to indicate that players will be taking the game's three protagonists up into the air a lot.


    I loved the VTOL in San Andreas, bring it on'...

    He can't articulate himself very well. Got a lot of respect for the man, but sheesh!

    I have no worries at all. Rockstar are just pushing what they and the current generation can achieve, which is awesome. If more developers had the skill and the inclination to work as hard as this, we might not be so skeptical about what these guys are trying to do.

    I think the concern with the size is either a) having enough little things to do, screw around with, be silly with in that simply vast playground and b) having to get around that playground.

    The jets/helis will make short work of it, and I think the ability to skip between protagonists can work a little like a fast-travel system too.

    But what you can't deny is their freakin' ambition. That they've thought 'oh, lets do all this space with all the varying levels of scenery, landscape, urban and rural build up, and then gone ahead with it. Cannot wait for the trailer this week.

    As long as they fix the analogue driving and the buggy arse engine (which i highly doubt they will after 4 games) this may be a decent game, wont be to hard to get better than GTA4 mind you.

      Not to mention that this is probably being rushed out to meet this console generation.

        GTAIV was and still is a great game. I still play it regularly. Love the car handling, never came across game breaking bugs (but a few funny ones popped up). Dont know why there is so much hate for it.

          Haters gonna hate! He's probably sitting there in his thick rimmed hipster glasses playing ET on the 2600. ;)

          sorry but it was horrible, on both PC maxed out settings and xbox, i wanted to like it, i really did, i got as far as the bank job (that was an epic mission) but the game was way to horrible, almost all rockstar games are, the engine is buggy as all hell, and the controls are incredibly touchy and painful.

          Even as much as i liked red dead redemption it had the same issues.

            When I first played GTA4 the driving felt weird, but then it started making sense and just felt so much more 'real' than a lot of other driving based games.

            I wouldn't say it was horrible although I do think some of the older games were better such as vice city

              i reckon it was pretty good and dnr probably stands for downer

      Fix the driving?

      I loved the driving in GTA4. It was a massive improvement on the previous GTAs, they didn't all handle like RC cars anymore.

        I hate hearing people say that GTA4 driving sucked, just because they actually added some semblance of realism to it. The way you actually had to slow down and be careful around corners made much more sense than just turning and instantly going into the right street at full speed.

          Have you ever driven a real car? or even played a racing SIM? there is no form of realism in the GTA driving.

          unless they took the realism for every car from a double decker bus without a steering assembly.

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        For me, the physics were fine, it was just the odd angle that the external camera had. Why on earth would I want to look side on to the car that i'm driving forward?

    If they can do a Just Cause size game with the same fidelity as a GTA game, which includes not just random/dynamic side missions but also scripted events and all the things we've come to expect from GTA.. then I think it will be great.. I just hope they bring back favourites like car dealerships (that you have to steal specific cars for), business ownership.. possibly a bit of drug smuggling (flying) and all that kind of thing.. the story side of things is great and all but I want a big sand box like Vice City and San Andreas were..

      GTA IV had car-theft side quests, for that 'roided wanker. They were good.

        Guess I didn't give GTAIV enough of a chance.. I got bored of the stale feeling after only 5 or 6 hours and stopped playing.

    Anyone know what the adult language level will be like? My son loves sandbox games, but I don't let him play GTA for the swearing.

      My guess is, if the other games are any guide, pretty extreme (lots and lots of s-bombs and f-bombs, and possibly a c- or two). But if I were you, I'd take a closer look at the violence content than the languge - the language will be there in the schoolyard anyway.

      Last edited 13/11/12 10:15 am

      I can appreciate your concerns but with all the violence is the swearing level the only concern?
      My mum let me play violent games with swearing as a kid but I understood the context and how it was wrong for real life. It made me a more mature adult too. My point is maybe your kid can handle the swearing after you talk to him and it not be an issue?

      I agree with Shane, so much worse content than some dirty words. But if that's really all you care about how about turning down the volume?

      If I were to take a wild and crazy guess, I bet Rockstar puts in a bit of nudity. They love that controversy.

        It's also Los Angeles, lots of trashy girls will be present I bet!

      I think the biggest issue is the drug use. Now, it's completely in context, and it makes sense for them to be present in the game. Illegal drugs are a part of modern society and the fact that they're reflected in GTA's social mirror is completely fine. However, my biggest issue with parents buying GTA for their kids is the fact that they commonly contribute to the plot, and are accepted as normal within that context. Their drug abusers are generally scummy pieces of garbage - but it normalizes their presence. Violence and crime are kind of obviously "wrong", but drug use is not. Personally, I wouldn't let my kids play anything with drug use even referenced in it, simply because when - and it's not an "if", it's a "when" - they get exposed to drugs, I don't want anything being in their brains which gives them a point of reference for how drugs are mainstream drugs have become.
      It's yet another reason why we need an R rating, especially for GTA. You can be sure that kind of content will be present, and access to such content needs to be properly (well, at least TRY to be) regulated.
      Would you let him watch Scarface?

      Thanks guys. Yeah, the violence and nudity is my concern as well.

      I think we'll stick with Just Cause 2. (Still has the above, just a lot tamer)

    You're welcome.


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      Haha Stevo you need to get out more. :p

      Though I used to just pop a random waypoint on the Oahu in TDU and drive to it. Same thing I guess. :)

        Oh how I miss hour long cruises around many friends were made on that game!

    As long as we can get round easily. It was a bloody long drive from Whetstone back to the airfield after I'd crashed in "Nap of the Earth" yet again.

    Will we get to take that blimp that's flying in the screenshot with the article?

      Flying a blimp would be a cool novelty. I hope we can.

    I often find a sandbox stuffed with things to do, a sandbox which isn't necessarily massive, but featuring many layers of interaction can keep me hooked more than just sheer scale and size. I'm thinking of Arkham City, where buildings frequently serve more than one purpose. One may be featured in story and side-missions, have a Riddler puzzle attached to it, and be useful as a vantage point or another high grapple point to keep gliding. Navigation and travel wasn't a problem in AC because the city was incredibly well designed.
    I'm not too fussed about how big GTA:V is in terms of square-footage - I want to know that there are compelling reasons to visit locations, and that you don't groan when you realize you're half a map away from where you need to be. Navigation needs to be fun, and tied into the gameplay: otherwise, hanging out in this world will be a chore.

    but, we want it on PC!

      I'm sure it will come to PC, I don't think Rockstar wants to shoot themselves in the foot like that with their biggest title, which has always has PC support. It's always come out later on PC though remember.

      GTA III; May 2002 for PC.
      GTA Vice City: May 2003 for PC.
      GTA San Andreas: June 2005 for PC.
      GTA IV: December 2008 for PC.
      GTA IV The Episodes: April 2010 for PC.

      They were all staggered by about 6 months after the initial console releases. Apart from GTA 1 & 2 which were PC releases first :)

      Now if we can only get Rockstar to bring Red Dead Redemption to PC for us folk who do not own a console, and probably won't until either next gen.

    Too many cynical casual gamers nowadays, They all want short, simple games that they can finish in a few hours and feel accomplished. Back when San Andreas was this far from release the entire community was damn excited about the vastness of the world. Nobody cared if some parts were empty, we made our own fun.

    Remember looking for bigfoot? Leatherface? Or trying to find the hidden underground tattoo parlour? What about the glitch that allowed you to get to liberty city even after that particular mission? There was so much to do even in these "empty areas' that you just don't get in smaller, linear games. People shouldn't be so cynical and paranoid.

    i know that virus, but if its not announced by release date for the consoles, i'll get an Xbox...

    I'd prefer something the size of the original GTA 3 but with every building enterable and mapped on the inside.. This was my big disappointment with GTA4, just like all the other game the city is a ghost town of empty buildings, sure there's people and cars on the streets but it's like a Hollywood movie with all these fake buildings. I don't care how generic they would be, just allow me to go inside every building!!!

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