Early, Rough Gameplay Footage Of Chris Roberts's Star Citizen

The debut footage for Star Citizen, which sees Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts return to space games after a too-long absence, looked awesome. It was also short on raw gameplay footage, something this test clip makes up for.

Is it boring? Yes. But boring can be good, because boring is also real, and that's what backers of Kickstarter projects like to see, not ideas or concepts or empty promises.


    Ugh, potentially misleading article. To clarify, this is not strictly 'gameplay', this is an early AI test. All of the ships seen are piloted by the games AI. They were tested for their ability to fly in formation, follow orders, and do combat. The weapon effects and explosions are said to be placeholders.
    Mostly, don't forget that this is super early behind-the-scenes development stuff. They haven't even started full development on this game yet, since the crowdfunding is still going, and they need to nut out a development plan *after* they see how much money they've got.
    Heck, the single-player part of the game is aimed to be playable in 12 months. The MMO-type stuff comes even later than that. So this is very early indeed.

      I found your comment more informative than thearticle.

        Agreed. It's also longer - which most comments are on a Flunkett article.

    This looks so great. I've been waiting for something like this since Freespace 2.

    Is it boring? No.

    Tech info for the curious.

    "On a technical side this footage was captured with FRAPS via a debug camera on a PC with an AMD Phenom 1090T processor, 8GB and an NVIDIA GTX470."

    Looks impressive for a GTX470.

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