EA's Origin Now Has 30 Million Users

At a recent earnings call, as reported by Joystiq, CEO Peter Moore announced that EA's Origin service now has in excess of 30 million users, 4.4 million of which have purchased content using the service.

It's hard to put the number in context, particularly in comparison to Origin's major competitor Steam, but it is a big number and Moore himself believes the metrics point to Origin becoming a "very strong part" of EA's business.

There are currently 70 developers providing content for Origin, and 13 million of the total 30 million users have been accessing the service on mobile.

It's been interesting to watch the development of Origin. At its launch, much like Steam, the initial reaction wasn't positive. But, again like Steam, it'll be interesting to see how consumers react in the long term.

What are your thoughts on Origin — has it improved as a service since its inception? Let us know in the comments below.

EA's Origin has 30 million registered users, 4.4 million paying [Joystiq]


    Does that include everybody who has played an EA game on PS3 / 360 and had it automatically create an Origin account for them and linked it to their PSN / XBL account? Because I'd question how many of those people even know or care that they're using Origin.

      Also i'm sure it includes the ones that had to sign up cuz EA gave them no other choice to play ME3 or BF3 on PC. That's going to happen to me soon enough since I bought ME3 but haven't installed it yet.

        Yes, I wonder what percentage of those 30 million and 'begrudging users'. 90%?

    I used it to play syndicate, and play BF3 for like a month, and havent touched it since, prices are WAY too high, the colour scheme is horrible, its too slow, and seems to be a resource hog (or at the very least has a memory leak).
    The only reason i havent uninstalled it, i dont want to have to re-install IF EA release a game i want to play, as highly unlikely as that is.

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    Well given that I am probably one of the 30 million and haven't touched it since I finished playing Mass Effect 3? Not so thrilling.

    I just don't feel any drive to check out what's going on there, what specials they have, what new titles are about to appear.

    I'm avoiding it like the plague. But I'll be forced to make an account when Need for Speed shows up.

    It has crazy region pricing, and basically spits in the face of Australians. I am never buying a product from their online stores.

      I agree the Aussie price difference is an aboration. It seems set up on purpose to divert you to retail channels for the main game and gouge you on the DLC. Releasing half the game (mass effect 2, da:origins, mass effect 3) seems to be so much business practice these days it makes you wonder why their is such a market for it that studios continue to do it!

    I used it for the bf3 beta of all things. and have not touched it since. i have noticed a distinct lack of EA games in my collection.

      correction i have 2, 1 of which i am thinking of trading....neither of which have been completed.

    Forced to use it for bf3, the prices for their digital downloads are a joke, my nearest game outlet will have a hard copy cheaper.

      +1 I use it because I am forced to to play BF3. Have yet to see even a sale item that was not cheaper elsewhere. I find it to be garish & featureless. Really hasn't progressed all that far from its days as "EA Downloader".
      Considering people are forced to use it to run EA games, I find it astounding that they can get excited by it's userbase figures.

      1; Grab the games from CDKeysHere
      2; Activate on Origin
      3; Done!

        I bought a cdkey for fifa13 ultimate for $45 with the hard copy posted free of charge , meanwhile on origin it was $99 just for the digital copy. Might I add that ea servers seem to run as smoothly as 3 legged dog

          Might I add that 3 legged dogs are crazy fast, but I get your point. I really hate origin and what it stands for and the cynical way it was brought to market.

    Not by choice I bet!

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      Correct. If I has the choice between Steam and the steaming oil of crab that is Origin, give Steam anyway. If you wanted to play ME3, you had no choice but to get an Origin account.

        Ah ... You gotta love autocorrection on phones. :p

          I actually think steaming oil of crab is quite apt. Autocorrect wins! :)

    I'm not into EA bashing, but Origin is just a horrible piece of software. The last few days I've been leaving my PC to download ME3 while I've been out, and keep returning to 'Origin has encountered an error and has to close'.

    It's even more frustrating as the original disk install didn't work, as when I had to change disks Origin wouldn't pick up that I had and would keep prompting me to do so.

    I don't want much - only that if software is going to be compulsory, it should do what is advertised with the minimal amount of interference.

      I'm actually installing MoH:W right now off the disc. I found the integration of installing off the disc within Origin rather painless. I put the disc in and Origin opened up and asked if I wanted to install, I put the key in and I haven't had an issue yet. It prompted for the second disc and picked it up and continued installing without a hitch. It's currently at 88% completion and Warfighter shows up in my list of games.

      Try updating to the latest beta version if you haven't already and see if that helps :)

    Had to install it for BF3, kept crashing, running like crap. I rank it somewhere up near itunes as one of the worst pieces of software ever.
    I wonder how many of those 30 million people are active users?

    30 million people using the service which is required to play popular games, of which only 4.4 million actually buy things. That's 17% of users actually using it for anything other than being able to play games. I'd be interested to see how that stacks up against Steam as there are quite a few games that can be bought outside of Steam that require it to play as well.

    I find it interesting that they don't even really make any attempt to be competitive against Steam and actually keep its users around. Instead they simply use their publishing power to force players to the system with games like BF3 and ME3. It'd be good if the system was any good. But as is it has a terrible UI and ridiculous store prices. I can't see any reason to stay.

      I haven't played ME3 and I won't.. because of this. I am just one person.. so it doesn't matter to them of course.. but I really loved the ME franchise.. however, I like many other games too.. so I haven't actually felt the loss of not playing ME3 at all to be honest.

    I use it for BF3, and will likely use it when I get around to playing Mass Effect 3. I don't have to like it though. It bugs me to no end that some games in my collection can't exist on Steam. For MMOs I kind of understand, because they are just standalone games, but using another system just feels wrong. To me it feels like having an iPhone with all of my apps on it, but then having to carry around an Android phone as well just for two must-have apps that refuse to release on iOS. Or vice-versa.

    I'm pretty sure that 30 million - 4.4 million products sold counts as successful.

    What a joke - everyone knows we've all used Origin only because we've had to. It's enough for me to avoid PC releases by EA - though even Console titles utilise Origin and add to EA's farcical stats on the user base.

      That's exactly right.. they force the ecosystem on the consumers and then pat themselves on the back for the uptake. It's no different o Ubisoft though... and Microsoft Live etc

    Im forced to use it for BF3, its also the main reason Im yet to play ME3.

    Way to blow your own trumpet EA

      I'm in the same boat, how many people CHOSE to download/install Origin?

      Bought Fable 3 over steam when it was cheap and then found out i run through windows live -.-

    i am loling at this so hard since they make ppl sign up to play, d/l and update most their games.... so it just tells them they have a lot of people who play games published by them

    4.4 million have purchased content - is that a deliberately ambiguous statement?
    Is that 4.4 million (own) purchased content, I.e. bought retail and need an origin account, or is that 4.4 million have (transacted money over the Origin platform for) content?

    Does nobody else have the willpower to just not use it? I

      Me! I skipped ME3, I have no interest in BF3. I will NEVER use it.

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