Equip These Kotaku Shirts For +7 Style

Friends of Kotaku Meat Bun have dropped four new shirt designs this week, and we're particularly fond of two of them because, well, they're Kotaku shirts.

One is the follow-up to 2010's Kotaku-tan, only this time things have taken a turn for the Frazetta, our heroine re-rolling as a Barbarian and dropping the hammer on gaming's most vicious trolls. Big thanks to Dan Dussault for the design.

The other, for those who like things a little less chaotic, is a simple holographic "K" logo, which is the work of Patrick Gerrity. It reminds me of the rebirth of Megatron. Which is rad.

Joining them in the company's latest line is an F-Zero shirt and one of the best gaming shirts I've ever seen, this Mario Kart one which was also done by Dan D.

All four shirts are $US24 each from Meat Bun's store.

checkpoint lap 2 and kotaku tees now in stock! [Meat Bun]


    I like em both! But I also like Heavy Metal tees haha

    That top one looks like something out of a Palladium role play book, awesome!!

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