Erotic Game Company Parodies Nintendo Honcho

"Iwata Asks" is a regular online feature in which Nintendo president Satoru Iwata interviews developers. Some of the game creators are in-house and some work for outside companies. All of their games appear on Nintendo hardware. None of them feature hardcore pornography.

Instead of "Iwata Asks", Osaka-based erotic PC game company SoftPal launched a "Shacho Hears", or "Company President Hears", website to promote its latest erotic game, Ryuusei: Kiseki -Shooting probe- (流星☆キセキ ‐Shooting probe-). Behind the interview is AKOU, the game's producer-director and the game's "sub director", who is a plush toy.

Like the typical Iwata Asks interview, the game creator lists his role and talks about the project's conception. Unlike Iwata Asks, there are questions about virgin love and how this game is different from other sex games.

Shacho Hears [SoftPal]


    One day Brian Ashcraft will convince me that he is not a creepy pervert.

    Today is not that day.

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