Explain The Story Behind Your Stupid Gamertag

If you're lucky, or brave, your gamertag (or other similar account name) might be, well, your name. A few of my friends are like that. Chances are, though, you picked a fake handle and went with that instead.

That name might be insightful. Or clever. Or funny. Or, more likely, indecipherable and a little stupid.

Yet behind every stupid (or smart!) decision is a story, and we want to hear yours. I'll get the ball rolling.

Mine is...the sound a fish makes when you discover them in Wind Waker. A little silly, perhaps, but I've always enjoyed the fact it meant I never needed miscapitalised letters, underscores or numbers in the thing.


    I came up with this one when I was playing FFX and ran into a boss called Spherimorph. I liked the sound of it so cut out some letters and ta-dah.

    I tried Neon Jackal, because it was unique and had never been taken on anything else before but of course, some arsehole who only went online once had taken it... So instead I went with Morello Jones, last names of two of my favourite guitarists that I thought sounded good together.

    I was brainstorming.BAd Boom big mega giga,wrath war.Gigaroth.
    Been using it since early ps2 before then simply BUL

    My middle name is Puck, so I go with that for pretty much everything when I can get it. Otherwise I go with 420YOLOSWAG69 because YOLO. :P

    Mines TheHasbroGAMER... Why? Because my friend gave it to me... I do not and have never played a hasbro game.

    I've had Weresmurf since around 1998? Maybe 2000...

    Around that period of time everyone was adopting 'tough' handles in games. I decided to go the complete opposite way and use something completely stupid. I googled 'smurf' on the internet and immediately came up with 'I was a brainy weresmurf'. I saw the pic of the Weresmurf and adopted that straight away! In my clan for Team Fortress Classic, we had someone named DarkDangerlord, Laydeekiller, Throatslitter69 (seriously! I know these guys in real life) and I cant remember the others as they weren't real life friends. In amongst these toughies was 'Weresmurf'. I'm sure that raised a few eyebrows :) or not... but either way, at least all these years later, I'm the only one still using the nickname and not ashamed of it lol.

      I did a similar thing, as did my little brother. Everyone was DaRkSnIpErKnight and Shadowking69 etc. so I made an irony laden gamertag: Ladsy Kent, and my little brother made Smartly Pretty. And both our profile images are from the game Amped 3, one of the funniest, strangest games to come out this generation I think.

      Xbox live especially is just filled with kids making stupid "cool" sounding names that all end up sounding the same, or worse, have to graft numbers onto the end of their cool sounding name because somebody already took it, forever a reminder of just how unimaginative they are.

        Exactly. I didn't want a gamer tag I would be embarassed about later on. I wanted one I wouldn't have to change. When girls I date ask me if I have an 'online name' when they find out I play games, and they do ask btw inevitably, I tell them 'Yeah, weresmurf' then we look up what a weresmurf looks like. It's a cute moment ;)

          Haha my girlfriend goes "Ladsy Kent? Is that your name? That is f**king gay."

          So, mission accomplished, I guess?

    Well, i picked mine out of a random fantasy or scifi book at a random page and line then tweaked the spelling.

    was originally drascol. it has gone through many revisions.

    and then i've found many people and even my teachers who have driscol or driscoll as a last name.

    So your gamertag is HoySmallFry?

    Mine was just what I used as an online handle since 98 or so, just a sort of portmanteau of the names of two anime shows, Robotech and Neon Genesis Evangelion. Luckily it's not very common so no Xes or long numbers for me, except for youtube (damn it).

    I spent 5 minutes thinking of it, and was looking for things around in the room. Found a Logitech speaker and altered it to be Logidude. And I've hated it ever since so I've just moved it to an abreviation of my name xD

    Mine was an embarrassing nick name my mum gave me when I was a kid, my mates in high school got wind and I figured instead of being ridiculed to make it my handle and embrace it.

    I started playing Tribes way back when (yr 8 or 9 or something). Started playing by the handle [KoD] Tyrant (KoD was some clan a friend got me to join, Tyrant coz I played Tyranids in Warhammer 40,000). I changed it shortly after to "Tyris" (coz it sounded like a unique handle that wasn't kinda silly like "Tyrant"). Been using it since about 2000ish.
    I often go by "LordTyris" since 5 letters if often too short (or worse, the name is already taken!). Apparently "Tyris" is a real name (Nordic?) and also the name of a girl (from Golden Axe), both things I didn't know when I "made it up".

    When I was making my username, I wanted something other than Naturesmonster (EA (just random)) so I liked jeeps, so I said jeepman, and that was unavailable in Skype, so I changed it to jeepman32 and that worked. hwwonB21 is my username in a code (see if you can guess it!)

    I'm currently going around as Delphinus Combaticus, a latinized/scientific name/classification stemming from 'Combat Dolphin'. A type of dolphin I once dreamt up that could be trained for combat In some sort of awesome alternate universe.

    My interest in the Imperial Guard (40K) and me being a "sheep", aka agreeing with what my friends said or did.

    When attending AIE I always kept a supply of unhealthy snacks to nibble on throughout the day and one of my friends said I was like a 'vacuum for snacks' and thought of the nickname "Snacuum." At some point the game we were making was focused around a device that would be used to vacuum up cute alien creatures to make fast-food just like in Oddworld. The device was called the Snacuum and I was responsible for its design.

    So I'm squatting on it. It's something about me that's unique and I don't have to add stupid numbers or l33tspeak on it.

      I misread your name with one few U's in it... thank god I realised my error otherwise it would've been a whole different thing...

    Mine comes from a very specific Simpsons reference.

    Kudos to those who know it.

      "Oh. Well then just gimme a six-pack and a couple of bags of Skittles."

      Awesome. I've come across a few Simpsons-inspired names and had to tell the person how much I loved it. Skittlebrau is awesome.

      The other memorable ones were "Purple_Is_ A_Fruit" and "No1sspctsDaButterfly" and as much as I despise kids always using "Da" instead of "The" I had to give respect.

    A friend thought of the name I use here on a whim. Well actually I was just showing him an article on my phone, he decided to comment, picked this name and it stuck. Half due to my laziness when replying to other posts using the auto completed field and half due to the manliness of the name.

    My usual gamer tag "B Boy Rock" was something I just came up with and thought was cool as a kid. Unfortunately after discovering what an actual b-boy was and after having many people think I was one it became less cool. But it is a name which I have been well known by and have use it for so many different things that it stuck.

    I could tell a story about every other name I've used. Some borrowed and others purposed chosen to suit themes of gods or other clan themes or just made on a whim. However I do not have all day to share so much of my life history. I will admit to having unashamedly register a "G Girl Rock" before though. The fun didn't last long and eventually it just turned into a bit of a joke. XD

    My gamertag is the same as this account name, and is simply the Japanese method of pronouncing my surname.

    I use Wisp or xWisp for everything. No special reason. It just felt 100% right as soon as I thought of it. I guess I play a lot of support classes in games too so it kind of fits.

    I always use Slyph. Not Sylph. SLYPH.

    I'm a writer, and one of the first stories I wrote featured a character named Darius Slyph - A kind of "Mary Sue" that later developed a full-fledged character arc. I'm looking forward to getting back to that one, actually, but it's quite large and will have to wait.

    All my emails have been [email protected] And my real names are David, John and Ross, which are dead boring ;)

    I chose mine because i was always a big wrestling fan and steve austin stood out as quite the bad ass to me. so i took his handle, but after a few years when i escaped little private boards and found steam, 316 was taken so after some talking to my dad, i looked at 316 and flipped it to 913 and it has stuck, almost everyone i know calls me by this name if i haven't strictly told them not to.

    On PSN mine's the above handle, named after Nigel Bennett's character in "Forever Knight" (which I accidentally misspelt). Basically I wanted one without numbers or weird spelling. I figured it was good since I like action games and Lacroix's character also generally likes to screw with the main character.
    My Xbox live one is: Nerf Merc. I love nerf guns and it was something a bit more tongue in cheek.

    I like cabbage. 'Nuff said.

      Well yeah, ditto.
      No seriously, it's my nickname in real life. Not due to ass related issues.

    My username for a long time was shadow, from Shadow the Hedgehog of course.

    That was a long time ago...I realized my mistakes, and so did several of my friends, many many times, verbally. They told me how generic my username was (and my god it is).

    So I said fuck it, and here I am, generic.

    My username (not this one, though) is the double misspelling of the word giant......don't know how i managed to do it, but then deiced to keep it :D on a side note, my email address is the misspelling of the misspelled word......again, no idea how the hell i managed to do that XD

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