Fan Outrage Brings Nuketown 2025 Map Back To Black Ops II Multiplayer

After suddenly pulling a popular pre-order multiplayer map from Black Ops II online play yesterday, Activision added it back to a new playlist called Chaos Moshpit. Game design director David Vonderhaar from dev studio Treyarch — who delivered the bad news — made it seem possible that the map could come back in a tweet late yesterday:

That was followed by a notice from Treyarch which indicates that all that fuming from the COD faithful didn't fall upon uncaring ears:

It's not the same as having Nuketown 2025 in a normal playlist, as many have asked for, but at least it's back.


    they tried to take it away, not good enough. we paid for it, we want to play it

      You actually didn't pay for nuketown 2025, you received it as free DLC when you purchased Black Ops 2.

    This whole thing is starting to reek of prior planning...

    What a stupid publicity stunt.

    It's a shit map. Give us Firing Range, duh

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