Fans Waiting For The Beyond Good & Evil Sequel Just Have To Keep Waiting, Ubisoft Head Confirms

Fans of Beyond Good & Evil have been waiting a very long time for a sequel.

The game, which came out in 2003, was envisioned as part of a trilogy but as the years have gone by, fans have let their expectations wane. A 2011 HD re-release seemed to be it for a while, until some screenshots from Beyond Good & Evil 2 began to surface in May. Creator Michel Ancel confirmed, also back in May, that the game was in development, but said the game would not be likely to surface before the next generation of consoles.

In an interview with Polygon, Ubisoft head Yves Guillemot further dampened fans' spirits, explaining that Ancel's work on Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends has put BG & E 2 even further on the back burner.

""It's really a game that we've been working, we have worked on, and is a game that we want to do," Guillemot reassured Polygon, but work on Rayman Legends comes first.

For fans who loved Jade's original journeys through Hillys, a few more years on the back burner are just another part of the wait that's taken the better part of a decade.

Ubisoft: Beyond Good & Evil 2 still in the works, Rayman titles slowing development [Polygon]


    Oh, man. I wanna fly around in the Beluga with Jade, Pey'j, Double-H and the dog going on Mass Effect-like adventures. I wanna take pictures, possibly with the Wii U controller or smart glass. I wanna take in the sights, talk to the locals. :'(

      I feel like I've read this before!

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        Haha! Such an articulate point needs to be said twice... or something... :P

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