Far Cry 3's 10 Minute Launch Trailer Isn't Like Other Trailers

This is the stardard launch trailer recipe — add two minutes of cutscenes, season with epic, sweeping orchestral theme. Add one tablespoon of one-off 'cinematic' gameplay moment that is totally unrepresentative of what you'll actually be doing in the game. Add a catchy tagline that features the word 'rise' and we're done. With Far Cry 3, this is what I would have expected. That would have been fine. I didn't expect 10 minutes of mostly well-woven gameplay footage

But it's a strategy that makes perfect sense. Despite the fact that Far Cry 3 appears to be a very narrative driven game, it's the scale of the world that makes the game truly unique and a trailer like this is a much better way of selling that experience — particularly for fans of previous games in the series.

Don't get me wrong, this trailer still uses plenty of the tropes mentioned above, but it also accurately represents the game you're buying into. Great trailer. Well worth watching if you have a spare ten minutes.

Thanks CVG


    I sort of have ten minutes but would be watching without sound and with frequent pausing

    At least this is nothing like the Dead Island trailer, because that game sucked

    Looks so good can not wait! Come on post man!

    Damn that looks seriously creative and well produced. I think I have to return to PC gaming and FarCry 3 now...

    Maybe someone can clarify this for me, I'm a lil' confused on why there is 'Single Player North' and 'Single Player South.'

    Are the North & South Islands 2 different campaigns? Or is it all just one campaign? Or do you pick one first then the second later?

      I assumed you can just travel between them and they all play into the single player. But hey I'm also just guessing! :P

    Oh geez I hadn't been paying any attention to Far Cry 3, now that I've watched the trailer though I think I'll need to grab a copy to mess with over the Christmas holidays! The co-op is making me want to grab it on 360, but the single player makes me wanna grab the PC version! Blarrrrg I don't have the money for it right this second anyway! :P

    Nice trailer though. As much as I love random-epic-cinematic trailers this trailer was far more useful for actually showing what the game is like.

    Grrr. Looks like I'm heading back into the shops in a few minutes to see if I can pick one up below the EB standard price.

    The fake cars and scenery are a bit fucking ridiculous though with all the grunt of PC's in 2012 you'd think when you drive a car into a wire fence it would go through it not just stop and go thud, also hitting the little twig of a tree and stopping my 4x4 is making me giggle.

    LOL and I just rolled my car and got stuck in a big rock.

    Pretty sure the Galapagos Islands are nowhere near Komodo Island, but whatever

    Lol at the DJ's Wub Wub T-shirt at 0:33. Please tell me theres no dub step you for background music in game.

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