Final Fantasy XIV Ends With Cinematic Bangs And Server Whimpers

Here's the end of Final Fantasy XIV, Square-Enix's MMO getting a reboot in the form of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Fittingly for a flawed endeavor — one Square-Enix officially apologized for — the last day didn't go so well for some users.

A glut of traffic is to be expected whenever you're bringing down an MMO — who doesn't want to party like it's the end of the world? — bringing problems with it. Kotaku reader Endzo reports the finale was plagued by disconnections, login difficulties and error screens. "There were so many wanting to log on and fight in these promised epic battles that Square Enix had to start turning players away based on subscription end date," Endzo writes. Those who could get in had trouble with lag, in menus, and in forming parties. Those who were close to the servers were more likely to finally tangle with "gargantuan level 100 monsters that up to now were only seen in cut scenes."

"The last server message repeated before the servers unceremoniously closed with an abrupt r0: 'Confound it! We' ve lost contact with the main host!'" Endzo said.

Well, that's a wrap, I guess. Character data from XIV was last saved on Oct. 31, and will be transferred into Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is scheduled to enter beta sometime this winter.

YouTube video uploaded by FINALFANTASYXIV


    I get that square loves it's FMV's, but surely they could have used that budget to make the actual game better instead and just done an ingame fmv.

      What do you think they've been doing for the past year? The game has been getting better ever since they replaced the staff.

        Yeah they have put a ton of effort into the new game. Cannot wait. And I like that they gave the users a fmv to explain the servers going down and world changing.

          As well as making it quite obvious who Nael Van Darnus serves.

    I have no idea what the game is about or what its like to play, but holy heck that fmv is incredible

      The actual game was a bit of a looker at the time too, though it was full of problems and was released way before it should have been.

    Does Kotaku always get a person who hates MMOs to write your MMO articles? They're never informative, instead just rants of negativity.

    THis reminds me of old vintage square. The cgi trailer was amazing and the music just hit the spot!

    That was awesome, I got shivers watching that!

    Square should do another movie their prowess for scene design is amazing... its just their flogging of IP until it bleeds out the rectum that concerns me.

      A film centring around one of FFXI's plots might be interesting.

        Honestly I reckon that FFXII has the potential to convert into a solid movie providing they make it a 3 installment deal and don't stray too far from the plot. Having said that, you might say that the movie was already released in the form of the original Star Wars trilogy...

          But FFXII's plot was even weaker than XIII's... I doubt releasing one of the most widely hated FF games as a movie would be a sound financial decision, better going with a CG version of VIII, IX or X... Heck even XIII with a movie akin to VII AC would do better.

    Welcome back Bahamut, good to see you have lost some weight since 10 onward. This is the lithe, agile, destructive, killing machine we knew you could become again.
    Waiting on beta from here on in as the brief looks I have gotten of "A Realm Reborn" look fantastic compared to the plagued release of the original FF14. Yes it will still likely fall under "yet another MMO" with all the issues associated therein but it has far more potential now than it did a few years back.

    wow... just wow.... wow...
    soo damn stunning FMV... wow...

    This FMV almost makes me wish I had played the game past beta. I think I might give the new version a try when it comes out. That was fantastic story telling without words. Square has not lost it after all.

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