Gaming App Of The Day: A Delirious Whirlwind Of Exploded Pixels

The creators of Motley Blocks painstakingly crafted a series of 80 simple images using coloured cubes, creating a collection of nifty 3D pixel art covering a variety of subjects. Then they blew them all up, and you have to put them back together. So much work, this mobile gaming.

Each level in Motley Blocks begins with a simple piece of cube art. That piece explodes, becoming a rotating cloud of pixel parts. See that image up top? That was bacon, once. By my hand it shall be bacon again.

Players have to trace lines connecting same-coloured parts in order to put them back in their place. The more blocks of one colour gathered at once, the greater the score. The trick is there's a set number of rotations, so if every block is not cleared by the time the spinning ends, you fail. I fail. We all fail.

You are not alone in this quest, however. There are five blocks with faces that act as power-ups to help you in your quest. See those little red guys in the image? They explode. That's incredibly helpful.

The coolest aspect of Motley Blocks isn't what the game creator Sarbakan made, but what the players are creating. With a built-in editor and the ability to share, play and rate custom levels, this is a game where the community content is quickly overtaking the packed-in stuff in terms of quality and quantity.

Thanks for providing us the framework, Sarbakan! We've got it from here.

Motley Blocks — $2.99 [iTunes App Store]


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