Gaming App Of The Day: I Was Convinced Into Being Friends With An Electric Cockroach

I'm not fraidy-scared of bugs. Unlike some childhood friends or past significant others, there's never been any terrified bolting at the sight of, say, caterpillars or giant moths. I don't love them either. Instead, I've always been fascinated by insect behaviour. So I'm kind of glad that Help Volty lets me manipulate bug movements without having to resort to crude implements like a magnifying glass or hot wax.

All you need to make the titular insect move to and fro is a fingertip. Volty is basically an insect android who's trapped inside a series of boxes owned some sort of wandering showman. Each box holds a puzzle mechanism which will open a door that frees Volty when he completes an electrical circuit. You earn coins when you escape a box and the number of coins you get determines how many chances you get to solve the next puzzle. This tiered credit system in Help Volty delivers the sensation of climbing a ladder, with each successive box coming across as its own weird ecosystem.

Some puzzle chambers have predators that you'll need to outwit and avoid. Others will have other smaller electro-insects who will need to be herded to key spots in the box. Both the enemies inside these levels and the other bug allies feel unpredictable in the way that actual insects do. Where will they fly? Can't they just follow you? That kind of thing. The game makes clever use of multitouch in some levels

Combined with the inscrutable behaviours of its bugs, the art, direction, music and mechanics make Help Volty feel like an arcade game from the dark ages, despite the fact that it lives inside a touchscreen device. Best of all, the first release from Tvndra Games respect your intelligence and offers up its brainteasers with none of the condescending hand-holding so common in today's games. You'll get swept up in a blooming sense of wonder as you play Help Volty. And play it you should. Only available for iPad.

Help Volty ($2.99) [iTunes App Store]


    Just bought it and was really impressed... beautiful graphics / music and clever brainteasers. Need I litttle help now with level 5, anyone got a clue? (4 flutes level)

      Sometimes, one needs to push things a little to get stuff done :) If you have more questions, we're happy to help on
      Thanks for playing the game!!

      Help Volty is on sale for 99ct until November 19th! (was $2.99)

    Okay... I like Kotaku, but how heavily are you sponsored by Apple... I mean the "Gaming App of the Day" icon above is Apple... Worldwide Android is more popular (Apple has the biggest market share in the US, but Samsung beats them worldwide), yet the "App of the Day" is only available to users with an iPad... even more limiting than simply apple (which it clearly must be to even be in consideration).
    Judging on number of sayes I would expect an actual "Gaming App of the Day" would be one of the items from the current Humble Android Bundle... Maybe the "Gaming App of the Day" should be renamed, "Apple Game of the Day"

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