Gaming App Of The Day: Stan Lee's Latest Creation Has You Falling From The Sky

Stan Lee has created (or "co-created") countless superheroes over his long and illustrious career in the comics industry. Some of them have been fallen heroes. Pretty sure Verticus is his first falling hero.

The evil alien Obliterators (so very Stan Lee) have breached the Earth's core and planted a bomb that threatens the existence of the entire planet. Armed with a heat-resistant falling suit, Verticus must drop from the upper atmosphere, fall through the city below, and then enter a tunnel that leads to the centre of the Earth.

I know falling isn't much of a super power, but I wouldn't be caught dead doing this, so good for Verticus.

As he plummets in third-person towards certain doom, our hero collects materials to upgrade his suit, adding missiles, bolstering his armour and health, and making it look all pretty with incredibly expensive special suits. He'll need all of this (except the suits) to make it to the planet's core, dodging mines and obstacles placed in his path by the evil alien menace.

Verticus is an entertaining little diversion, packed with goal-oriented missions to keep the obsessive playing until long after they've finished on the toilet.

The most important feature of Verticus, however, is that Stan Lee voices your mission commander. He talks to you as you're falling. He urges you to go further. I want him to narrate my life. "Low on Hot Pockets, Fahey-Man rushed to the Kroger to stock up." Imagine Stan Lee saying that from the backseat of my car. That's my dream right there.

Verticus ($1.99) [iTunes]


    Sorry, I just don't see how this got gaming app of the day? is it literally because Stan Lee is attached? I find his voice distracting and annoying and couldn't handle playing this game with his voice on. I just don't see anything special about it - sorry! Id rather spend it on more unique fun games.

    So from the looks of it, this is AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for mobile devices

    Yeah, it's not very original. If Stan Lee wasn't part of it this game wouldn't be noticed at all.

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