Gaming App Of The Day: Your PS3 Controller Can Also Be A Phone Controller

Flagship Android phones might be getting bigger screens, but that's not making game control much easier. Sometimes, you really need a controller.

There are dedicated phone controllers you could buy, sure, but if you've got a DualShock 3 lying around the house, you may as well use it instead.

Sixaxis Controller turns a PS3 pad into an Android-friendly input device. While it's a little tricky to get running (and doesn't support every phone), it's still worth looking into, as when it works, it works well.

Sixaxis Controller [Google Play]


    2010 called. They want their "news" back.

    Xbox 360 controller doesn't use Bluetooth. You would have to use an OTG.

    is it cOLD in here or just me?

    Come now, guys. There will probably be at least 2 billion people moving off of iPhones for Nexus 4s soon, they will need to know this information.

    Well I found this article informative you trolls

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