Gangnam Style Comes To Just Dance 4, Hopefully In Time For The Backlash

Gangnam Style Comes To Just Dance 4, Hopefully In Time For The Backlash

One day Gangnam Style will be forgotten, it will gather dust, brought out exclusively for weddings and 40th birthday parties — a ‘birdie song’ for a new generation. That day will come, but today is not that day. Today is the day that Gangnam Style gets released on Just Dance 4 and makes us weep by becoming the biggest piece of DLC ever made. [Shudder]

Oh look, I don’t really mind Gangnam Style, it’s hardly offensive, but I do think it’s just about run its course. Surely a backlash to this kind of massive overexposure is incoming. Surely?


  • I can’t believe how popular the song has gotten. Good on him, I hope he made money out of it as well.

    I saw PSY on X Factor and he goes off like a frog in a sock, it is cool to see some one dance with that much enthusiasm even though he has probably done it a Kajillion times.

  • As you get older you start to backlash against these things sooner and sooner. All Your Base was great. Planking was okay for a while, but got old once it hit the mainstream media. And Gangnam Style was kind of funny when I first saw the animated GIF of him in the elevator with the dude between his legs, but within five seconds of that it became obnoxiously played out. I imagine when the next one comes along, I’ll be sick of it before I’m even aware of it.

    • I first heard a part song at a dance contest, and had no idea that it had already garnered a few hundred million YouTube views. The only part of the song I heard was the chorus (Where he doesn’t say “Gangnam Style”, and I thought it was kind of catchy. Not great, but still something I could listen to every now and then. Searched it up a few days later, watched the video. Never again will I be so quick to not hate new music.

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