Germany's 'Pick Up Dog S**t' Game Is Coming To Japan

Kackel Dackel, the infamous German game in which a plastic dog craps rainbow turds, is coming to Japan as "Buriwan" for short (the full title is "Burittoderuwan" ブリッとでるワン, with "buri" referring to the noise made while pooping).

In case you missed Kackel Dackel when it first raised eyebrows a few years back with this ad, here's more info about the game, including Google-translated English instructions on how to play. They should come in handy if you ever want to play with poo. Well, Kackel Dackel poo.

Above are some photos from Japanese site Yuukan Gadget.

ブリッとでるワン [Takara Tomy]


    A German non-video game is coming to Japan? WOW!

      ...but in a desparate attempt to tie this back to video games, here is AVGN's James Rolfe being very juvenille playing Kackel Dackel.

      Listen, that's the best thing I've seen all day! Each to their own; I like to tan.

    Ah, the tv ads for this thing is weird. Why would I want kids to play "Doggy Doo"? And pooping rainbows? NOOooo.... The Apocalypse is Reallly HAaappppenninng....

    You know i saw this in Kmart not 2 days ago looked pretty funny.

    Sausage Dog!!!!!

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