Get A Load Of This Amazing Real-Life Assassin's Creed Parkour

Just when you think no one could really move through the forest as gracefully as Connor from Assassin’s Creed III, someone does. Free-runner Ronnie Shalvis, specifically.

You can find more on Shalvis at his Facebook page, and see a behind the scenes video here.

Man, this really makes me wish Jesper Kyd had done music for Assassin’s Creed III.


    Imagine if soldiers of the past looked up!

    He's very talented, but the editing of the video jumps back and forth between different scenery a little too much to contain a narrative (not that it's the reason people will watch it, but still).

      Yeah I noticed that too. As someone who likes to watch plenty of Parkour videos it is a little annoying. I mean no doubt they wanted to get lots of good shots in of doing moves, but if you've gone to the effort of putting in a narrative then I personally feel you should try and follow that pretty closely.

      As for parkour in a natural environment, without the added narrative, L'1consolable does a nice one called "Parkour, naturally."

        I love watching peeps do flippity-doos as much as the next guy but it is a little jarring seeing a guy flipping over puddles and climbing mountains only to casually walk down them a half second later
        that said I've got a lot of respect for a guy who would do all that over jagged rocks

    can't assasinate now, i've got flips to do...

      Hahah yeah.

    I thought it looked pretty cool. Only complaint is that parkour can't really be applied much in the wilderness. He was purposely running towards difficult terrain and avoid and more efficient path.

    Still good though.

    Meh. Seems like it would be quicker to just run.

    When did catching your enemies fast involve many countless, time-consuming flips?

    Quick, before he alerts someone! ...Flip, flip, backflip, frontflip, funflip, failflip, etc.

    LOL, at the end I thought he was going to flip onto the guy and stab him.

    And then do a celebratory flip. >D

    Better than what I could do though!

    As others have said, the editing isn't great. It was like one of those montages in a film that show a person travelling a REALLY long distance which for the character would take a long time but as a viewer it is cut down to a minute or 2. So for me at least, the editing made it seem as though this assassin took out one guy and then ran for day and days doing flips everywhere until finally just throwing an axe into the other guy. Not to mention the random flipping on what appears to be flat ground or a shallow puddle? WHY... If there's a puddle in assassin's creed you don't fucking backflip over it you just step in/over/go around the damn thing.

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