Get Your Very Own Gordon Freeman Figurine, Includes Loveable Headcrab

Ignoring the obviously like, I don't know, Half-Life 3, what does every Valve fan want? Why, a Gordon Freeman action figure with included headcrab for face-loving goodness! We heard about the figure back in July, but it's now available to purchase. Would the little dude fit neatly into your collection?

The 17.7cm-tall figure isn't just pretty to look at — it comes with the aforementioned headcrab, interchangeable hands, a bugbomb, gravity gun and, of course, a crowbar. You can pick it up from ThinkGeek for $US19.99, but you'll need to add $US12 for shipping, at the very least. More expensive options are available, with the priciest being $US37.34.

I bet you're already thinking of all the compromising positions you can put him in. Or is that just me?

Half Life Gordon Freeman Action Figure [ThinkGeek]


    Push the button on his back to hear him talk.

      Batteries not included. Or insertable.

        Of course there's no batteries. Gordon Freeman runs on HEV chargers.
        I wonder if the grav gun works?

    *Caution may cause a Resonance Cascade event.

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