Go Tell The Guy Who Runs Mass Effect What You Want To See In The Next One

Go Tell The Guy Who Runs Mass Effect What You Want To See In The Next One

Hey Casey Hudson, executive producer of Mass Effect, what are you up to nowadays?

Ooh, cool. Thanks, Casey.

So what do you guys want to see in the next Mass Effect? And when do you think they should start changing the ending?


  • I don’t have a twittter account, for various reasons, but can someone say we want selectable races at character creation?

      • Oh, I agree that holding my breath would be a bad idea; he states they’ve already started design phase, so the concept of a new game has already passed “feasibility”. Still, he wants to hear all opinions, so I don’t see the harm in providing mine – even if it’ll be ignored.

        As others have pointed out it’s going to be very difficult to not make the Shepard story feel “meaningless”. For example, I’m convinced by the Indoctrination Theory and in my mind, the Reapers win at the end of Mass Effect 3 and the cycle continues. That means that any game set after ME3 is going to be either in conflict to a “reset” galaxy or so far in the future and following a new set of evolutions, guided by the Reapers, that it’s not going to matter.

        Actually, that gives me a good idea. New Mass Effect game puts you in charge of “designing” the evolution of sentient life in the galaxy as a part of the cycle. You’ll need to make sure that species are hardy enough to “win” their own planets, develop space travel, discover the Citadel, can maintain peace (not tear the galaxy apart with wars), and progress technologically to the point where organics are ready to be harvested again. Make it a kind of tactical god-sim. I’d play that; again, I’m probably in the minority.

  • I think they should go back and do a game about the first contact wars or something.. and let us beat humanity to extinction if we want.. now that would be something!

    Shepherds story is done.. at least bring in a new character, like Goathearder or something, then show us something new and different..

    • I remembering reading somewhere a few months back about Bioware considering Shepard’s story finished, and that the next game would be based in the universe but not necessarily about him. I have a crappy memory, though…

  • They should definately continue the interactive crew one of my favourite parts of the Mass Effect series was how after every mission you can go around the ship citing grievances, discussing mission outlooks, nostalgic conversing, kicking the breeze, being a shoulder to cry on, romance/friendship development.

    Also possibly adding a more interactive world and have more character development outside the ship may help stagnantcy.

    I would honestly prefer a sequel but I remember hearing once they plan on killing the commander shepard angle.

  • Start by organising an apology party for all of those people who took umbrage with the previous game. Invite the ones who had concerns with Ms Hepler too.

    Once everyone arrives, weld the doors shut, open a hatch on the roof and fill the building with cement. Then go on your merry way and make whatever you damn well please.

    • Yes, how dare people dislike one of the cheapest, laziest endings in recent memory. Clearly they are the same as a bunch of vicious, sexist, offensive trolls and should all be killed. Get your head out of your ass.

      • Your opinion, everyone’s opinion is their own to make. If they choose to express it in the incredibly obnoxious and embarrassing fashion that appeared after the release of Mass Effect 3, then they deserve to be lawn ornaments as far as I’m concerned.

        Besides, Fallout 3’s ending was considerably worse.

        • at least the people who didn’t like the ending directed their outrage towards the game and developers. you are just being an insensitive moron and directing it at the players who had a right to voice their opinions about how BW slipped up and didn’t deliver. i agree with cameron, your a ass

          • Mass Effect 3’s ending was weak. This is a fact that few will dispute. Even if I didn’t agree with that, I’d be perfectly happy for others to hold that opinion and express it. What I take issue with as both a player of games and a sometime developer of them is the massive disproportionate level of fury that resulted in EAs shareholders getting sufficiently spooked that EA deemed it necessary to bow to public pressure and release an expansion. This is a bad, bad precedent. We’ve already seen other groups try to force their opinions through, notably an anti-gay group attacking Bioware and EA over their featuring of homosexual relationships.

            There’s also the fact that, as you can see here, designers feel the need to ask for player input on game content. Probably this won’t lead to much at this point, but there are dangers inherent in allowing an overly empowered public control over elements of the game. You think things are bad now, wait until we get design by 4chan. That’s a fairly extreme example, but there’s real potential for things to be forced into the games if people latch onto them and wail and gnash their teeth enough, and they know that now because it’s been allowed in the past.

            The fact of the matter is, the people who demanded the changes to the end of Mass Effect 3 have potentially made games worse for everyone including themselves.

            That’s how I see things here. If you disagree then that’s fine. The only other thing that needs to be said is that if Fallout 3’s ending didn’t annoy the hell out of you, you probably didn’t have Fawkes the Supermutant with you at the time.

          • well i see where you are coming from, and i do agree, as the saying goes: too many cooks spoil the broth. but it can go both ways. no player input can cause issues as well. if no one voiced their opinions as to why they thought a product didn’t deliver, then companies can’t improve the products or the way to market them. this can be said for companies like apple, microsoft ect. who constantly improve their products by listening to feedback from their users. an artist who are commissioned to paint a portrait of a family member first needs to understand what the client wants, if not amendments need to be made. architects are another example, they constantly need to get feedback to deliver what a person, or company wants from a design. the same can be said for games. in order to appeal to the audience of ME, they needed to listen to their fanbase. in due respect, i think ME3 is an example of the designers not listening, rather than listening too much. they changed the direction of the game to focus on multiplayer to satisfy a different type of player to what they have targeted, and i think, indirectly that affected the amount of time and emphasis put on the ending and how important it was.

            as for EA/BW “bowing” to the pressure, i didn’t see it that way. to me it was an admittance that they screwed it up, they wanted to end the shepard storyline and not revisit it and thats the best they could come up with. from my experience, when people say they had “planned it all along” like they did here, it usually means it was a change last minute. they never bowed to the anti-gay group as they had strong moral obligations and views on the matter. i personally wouldn’t compare the two.

            now there is “potential” to screw a game up and their have probably been prime examples. the only issue here is the views of the players would have to hold greater importance then the vision of the creators. i don’t think this will ever happen in big budget AAA games.

            and no i did not find the FO3 ending, prior to the DLC annoying. i found in depressing, but fitting with the theme of the story unlike ME3 which felt out of place. i sacrificed myself, although i could have sent fawkes (he had passed out i believe when i first completed it) it wouldn’t have felt right. the same can’t be said for ME3 where all of the endings just felt wrong.

  • How about something based around the Geth rebellion? Mass Effect: Rise of the Geth, perhaps? You could choose whether to take a pro-Geth or pro-Quarian stance in the game.

  • 1. female protagonist

    2. if your going to make us care….don’t punch us in the face and remind us of how pointless our existance is at the end…ok?

  • Not a prequel you’ve all seen that end badly and we LOST the first contact war and have seen the geth rebellions most pertinent bits already.. Set it 200 years after

    • Err, nobody lost the first contact war. It got resolved diplomatically before things could get too nasty. But the last battle of it was a victory for humanity, so woo! Go us!

      I don’t know, maybe something with Nilhus?

  • It’s going to be impossible to set it in the future without making the choices you made in the first trilogy feel even more worthless, is it?

  • I must not snark about meaningless choices. *snaps rubber band around wrist*
    I must not snark about meaningless choices. *snaps rubber band around wrist*
    I must not…

  • I know Prologues to games have been played to death, but Id love to be able to play through some of the previous extinguished cycles before Humans.

    Maybe 3 or 4 chapters. The original race who planned the crucible, another race who furthered the crucible idea and perhaps came close to defeating the reapers, and then the Protheans, and their ultimately doomed fight. I want to play doomed races (though ultimately understanding their progress on the crucible isnt in vain and is what ends the cycles).

    I want interactive back-story dammit!

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