Good Thing The PlayStation 2 Didn't Derail A Japanese Passenger Train

On November 4, a 60-year-old man noticed something suspicious at a railroad crossing in Yabu, Japan: a large black box. He called the police, and an officer showed up on the scene, only to discover the large black box was a PlayStation 2.

After the man, who was crossing the railroad tracks, noticed the console, a Japan Rail passenger train passed by. According to Nikkan Sports, thankfully, none of the 30 or so passengers were injured.

Certainly, placing foreign objects on train tracks can cause accidents — although the PS2 seems like something that would be (and was) damaged, if not destroyed, immediately on impact.

Still, the police are investigating the matter, trying to discern who placed the object on the tracks.

線路上にプレステ2放置 [Nikkan Sports]


    Goddamn the ps2 sure was ugly! Then again so were the ps1 & 3

      The original PlayStation design is classic - I still remember when they came out in '96, and me and me brother drooling over one on display in an glass cabinet... we only need $699 and it's ours!

    Lol, memory cards..

      I'm constantly reminded of Memory Cards every time I use my PS3 and see the stupid option for them despite it not being able to play PS2 games. FFS SONY WHY SHOW SOMETHING IN THE MENU YOU CAN'T USE.

        It's actually for PSone emulation - try it out you fool :P (PSone discs are fully compatible on all PS3s')

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