Grand Theft Auto IV And Episodes From Liberty City Is $7.49 On Steam

Well, we've been swamped by Grand Theft Auto V news today, which is hardly a bad thing, but if you feel as though you need a reminder of the series you could do a lot worse than to pick up either Grand Theft Auto IV or Episodes From Liberty City, which are both on sale at Steam for a bewilderingly cheap $7.49.

If you were only going to play one, personally I'd probably recommend Episodes From Liberty City over Grand Theft Auto IV. I just feel as though both episodes have a better focus, more personality and far more interesting mission structures.

But still, both games for $7.49 is a pretty stellar bargain. Particularly as we all get caught up in the GTAV hype train.

Be quick, the offer ends in just over and hour.


    Thanks - got it with 51 mins to spare.

    Just picked my copy up!

    got yesturday, had to wait til today to get a key... gfwl is such a pain in the ar$e

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