Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Set For Release November 14

So it has come to this. Announcements for trailer release dates. Well, I suppose if you have a game as highly anticipated as Grand Theft Auto V, and an audience constantly spamming you for details, you probably can get away with making a massive deal of an upcoming trailer!

The second Grand Theft Auto Trailer is being released November 14. And Rockstar has released a new piece of art to make it official.

Personally, I'm keen to check it out. Rockstar really has been a pioneer in this area — it really has made the video game trailer something of a work of art in many ways. The hype, the music, the editing. For some reason Rockstar trailers have become events. It's genius marketing in a lot of ways. Respect where respect is due. I am writing about it after all!


    Sweet, can pretty much guarantee, being a gta fan, this game will not disappoint, can not wait so hard it hurts

    Rockstar doesn't need dubstep, rocks yar doesn't need dubstep!

    At the end of the trailer there's going to be an ad telling you that they're going to release the date of the trailer for GTA VI in 2015.

      The teaser for the release date of the trailer for the full game. I think I'll avoid all the teasing and spoilers and experience it virginised . It worked pretty well for Prometheus.

    Please don't be as bad as GTA 4...

      Why is it cool to bash gta4? Personally I preferred gta2 and gta sa, but gta4 was still a pretty cool guy

        Yeah I loved GTA IV too.
        People complain that there's not enough to do compared to SA, it's "too realistic" (lol), blah blah blah, whatever other absurd reasons they can think up to justify their opinion to others.

        To be fair, it was the first GTA game to appear on the new (at the time) platforms... so if you care to be realistic, it's better to compare it to GTA III. Taking into consideration they had to learn how to dev for the platforms and so on. It's clear the next game is going to be bigger and better in basically every way. As was Vice City to GTA III.

        I'm sure Rockstar's experience with RDR and Max Payne 3 definitely helped them learn the ins and outs of the PS3 and 360 so they can really push them with GTA V.

        Even the city detail in the first GTA V trailer is pretty immense compared to GTA IV.

        But anyway, I've always stood by the thought that anybody who got bored with GTA IV, must be a boring person. If you can't find fun in that game, there's something wrong with you.

        I'm really pumped for GTA V.
        It's pretty much the only game I'm dying to get my hands on... everything else these days is just a shitty CoD clone or other generic, uninteresting piece of crap (a small handful of games aside, obviously). Rockstar always steps up. :)

          Don't forget the Episodes. The Ballad of Gay Tony took things more in the San Andreas direction (parachuting, moar helicopters etc).

            True, I loved The Ballad of Gay Tony.
            Lost and Damned, not so much... the 'tweaked' motorbike physics ruined it for me.
            I prefer the old style GTA IV where you have to be real careful.

            LaD you could smash into almost anything and nothing would happen, just felt real dumbed down.

            But yeah Gay Tony was very good. :)

        I think GTA IV was a natural progression for me. I have grown from a 90's gamer and I think the rockstar franchise grows with me. San Andreas was fun when I was younger and 4 was more serious now that I was more mature and appreciate a deeper story. I suspect if its true the 5 has a protagonist with kids and an ex-wife that once again they are aiming at the gamers who have grown with them. This is made for adults not kids and they have grown with their core fans. RDR was definitely made for people in my generation.

    I still remember the first GTA IV trailer, it was pretty amazing at the time. The graphics, narration and music made for a pretty good montage. It didn't show much, but it was enough to pump everybody up.

      Yep, rockstar make such awesome trailers and ingame aswell. Using a different trailer as an example, the san andreas clip (may have been launch trailer) set to the welcome to the jungle song showed off the insanity of having a gta covering an entire state--blew my mind at the time. And now, gtav looks set to have the insane level of detail of gta4 in a massive looking world akin to san andreas-well count me pumped up again :).

    *screams of joy

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