Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Removed From Steam Over Music Licensing

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Removed From Steam Over Music Licensing

When Grand Theft Auto: Vice City disappeared from Steam’s marketplace a few days ago, some suspected it was because of the game’s upcoming release for iOS devices. Instead, what appears to be a lapsed licence for one of the songs appearing in the game has forced the takedown, until the matter is resolved.

Gaming Blend reports that the song in question is appropriately enough, “Wanna Be Startin’ Something” by Michael Jackson, to which Sony Music Entertainment owns the rights. Rockstar Games, in a post on Steam’s North American forums, didn’t specify the song but did say music licensing was involved and “we’ll make it available again as soon as possible.”

Those who bought Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for PC via Steam may still redownload and install the game.

GTA: Vice City No Longer On Steam Due To RIAA Copyright Claim [Gaming Blend]


  • Glad its not missing from my steam game library. Im currently playing though all the gta’s from 1 to BOGT and just about to wrap up gta3, but when i read to title of this story i thought they might of removed it like what happened with Peggle Extreme

  • But what if they let it lapse on purpose so that they could remove the game from Steam for the iOS release without looking like jerks? =O

    (Because that sort of screwing around would definitely be worth it, and I’m sure Sony won’t try and get more money out of them to renew the lapsed license. =P)

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