Guy Builds Bilbo Baggins' House Out Of Balloons

Sometimes that's really all you have to say: Guy builds Bilbo Baggins' house out of balloons. And there you have it. The guy in question here is BallonGuyEnt, who makes Bag End out of balloons. At least when Gandalf hits his head in here, it won't hurt as much.

How's everyone doing? Have a good weekend? Playing anything good? Building any good balloon sculptures?

Talk balloons, Hobbits, or anything else, here or over in the Talk Amongst Yourselves forum. Have good chatting, and a nice Monday evening.

(Via Geekologie)


    That man needs to give his kids more of his time rather then neglecting them for three days to live of some crazy fantasy. But then again i dont know him and he could be a fantastic father so idk.

      At the end of the video you see his kids having the absolute time of their life destroying the entire structure with smiles on their faces that money can't buy.

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