Guy Puts More Than 1000 Video Game Timelines In Chronological Order

We've seen plenty of timelines that put video game release dates in order. And recently, we've begun making timelines that put video game news in chronological order. But what about the timelines inside the games? The years over which the game's story takes place? Has anyone ever chronicled those?

Now, someone has. Alex Jaffe, specifically, who has assembled more than 1200 games into an impressive master video game timeline that tells us, once and for all, when our favourite games took place relative to one another.

It starts waaaaay back with TMNT: Turtles In Time, which jumped the farthest back in time to 2,500,000,000 B.C. (and also gets pretty far up to the year 2100AD). Then, it travels through scads of time-travel games — Chrono Trigger doesn't even go second-farthest back — through modern times (with a lengthy digression in the early 1940s for all those WWII games) all the way up to… can you guess? The Warhammer 40,000 games, of course.

It's a Herculean undertaking that, according to Jaffe, has taken more than two years to get to this point. In fact, the timeline itself loads inconsistently — you might have to wait a bit. Apparently a timeline of this size has tested the strength of the space/timeline continuum. The data below the timeline, however, is always there, and is fun to look through even if the timeline won't load. Jaffe says he's open to feedback, corrections and additions, and that if you see anything he's missing, to please email him.

Turtles in Time: The Video Game Chronology Project [Preceden]


    He has way to much time on his hands.

      Yep indeed lol

      I don't see how documenting Videogame history is an waste of time.

      And that remark is also the oldest, condescension in the internet book - what superior work do you have to add?

        I didnt say it was a waste now, did I? I admire the effort

          OK, I think I took your comment too seriously :P

    Sounds awesome. It actually has a practical use unlike many timelines. This one will allow people to more easily find games set in a time period they're interested in. Then the user can indulge in the history and creation developers think appropriate to suit the time. Genius!.

    Useless stuff like this is why I love the era we currently live in.

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