Guys, Freddie Prinze Is Sorry He Offended Hardcore Anime Fans

Freddie Prinze, former teen heartthrob now mysteriously gnarly grown dude, is on the marketing trail for the Mass Effect anime flick Paragon Lost (he voiced James Vega in Mass Effect 3 and reprises the role in the movie).

In an interview recently, he used the terms Japanime and Japanimation. Which, as he explains, is kinda understandable! The guy is 36, and those used to be totally acceptable terms for the medium of Japanese animation. For many they still are; Amazon, for example, still has a category listing called "Japanimation".

But no, hardcore anime fans had to freak out, going after the guy not just for his use of those words, but also because he called it a cartoon.

Seriously? It is a cartoon.

No wonder the dude has a smirk on his face for the first few seconds on this "apology" video, which rightly turns into more of a "hey, whatever, you guys take this shit too seriously" video.

Countdown to N7 Day - Freddie Prinze Apologies [Paragon Lost]


    i'd consider myself a massive Anime fan, and i wouldn't get angry at someone for calling it japanimation...
    internet just likes to get angry at things, especially Mass Effect related things...

      the internet just likes to get mad at anything and everything they can.

    He looks like he's trying not to piss himself laughing... lol!!!! Im the same age as him and *I* still call it Japanimation and Japanime. Its our generations term for it and we were CALLING it that twenty bloody years ago.

    GTF over it.

    Isn't Japanimation where the term anime comes from? That was something I was taught in High School Japanese class so there's a good chance I'm totally wrong, but I figured the Japanese just called it manga on TV (although now I think about it that doesn't really mesh with the Japanese love of labels).

      Yeah. But Manga actually means, Japanese-Comic-books. But I understand what you're saying, as Anime in Australia was released under the "Manga" label, before Madman became the defacto Anime source - I used to loosely refer to Anime as Manga before I new the distinction. :)

        Manga actually just means "comic" (of any origin) in Japanese but the Western society has largely adapted it to mean comics originating from Japan. It's a similar thing with "otaku". In Japan, it just means a fanatic of something. Just like we say fanboy. Western society just largely interprets it to mean someone who is obsessed with anime, manga and computer games (Usually Japanese ones).

          Yeah, you're totally right. I wrote (Japanese-comic-book) that way, as some people need to have things spelt out them :P You obviously don't as you already know :)
          *the condescension was unintended

    Japanese animation is actually an accurate descriptor - 'Anime' being an abbreviation of how 'Animation' is pronounced in Japan. Why regurgitated borrowed english is ok and an understandable portmanteau is not boggles the mind.

      Because fanatical nerds are the worst kind of hypocrites...

    I call it animation because that's what it is.

    Cartoon, amine, japanimation and all other terms simply diverge from the fact that the are all the same thing; a series of images that portray motion.

      True, but referring to things as anime, or Japanimation gives you a frame of reference for visual style, themes, storytelling techniques and other specifics of their style of animation production due to the connotation it has with Japanese animation. Though, "anime" is just the Japanese word for animation, so if it makes you feel any better, saying anime is still calling it animation. ^_-

    Lol, nice of him to apologise and stuff, but really... were people really upset about that? Reeaaally? I wish all these people that love to sit and argue prescriptively about language would go take a linguistics course, it's interesting material and a hell of a lot more constructive.

    What is wrong with you? A Cartoon? Micky Mouse is a Cartoon...Anime is a Life Choice.

      What! $200 for a boxed set! yep, it is an choice... :P

    Massive anime fan. Not offended. Discussion over.

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