Halo 4's Remote Detonator Has Already Reached Its Logical Conclusion

It stands to reason that most people who picked up the remote detonator in Halo 4 thought to use it in this way; but it was TheM0M0show who first documented the technique and put it on YouTube.

Next time you see a mongoose cruising towards you, watch out. It may explode in your face.



    That was my favourite thing to do on battlefield whatever on Xbox - remote detonator on a jetski, and BOOM.

      My favourite thing to do was shoot the c4 people were putting on the uav in bad company 2 which usually resulted in the person with the C4 team killing anybody around.

    and the guy and the mongoose survives. nice, i like it

      For some reason, there doesn't seem to be much friendly fire in the game.

        I'd agree with that. playing team games like oddball, i've been hit by friendly fire and haven't suffered any damage. but i have been run over a few times by accidental betrayers (and conversely run other team members over by accident, sorry!)

    reminds me of this > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7LlHaYT-uM
    which is probably one of the best examples i've seen. also the music makes it funnier.

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