Here, Two Enormous GTA V Posters

Here, for your wallpaper/viewing pleasure, are two super-sized pieces of Grand Theft Auto V artwork.

They were posted on Game Informer earlier today, and at a resolution of 1920x2432 each, you’re free to pick over them and find as many clues as you like.

Like, oh, the fact that arrested lady is wearing a Love Fist shirt.

(open the images in a new tab to see them at full size).

Grand Theft Auto V Pre-order Items Arrive [Game Informer, via GTAForums]



      This would be awesome, but I bet PETA would step up and have a sook about animals in such a game.

        On foot police chases would be insane with dogs...

          Agreed! Running from German Shepherds would be quite interesting.

        I'm yet to hear them say anything about Assassin's Creed 3 and I've been driving species to near extinction in that.

          Give it time to let it become aware to them ;)

        I remember the huge fuss PETA kicked up over stabbing that stupid rat in Battlefield 3's campaign, when not twenty minutes before I brutally killed a man with my bare fists, then proceeded to turn his comrades into red mist with a .50cal machine gun.

        The do NOT have their priorities right.

          Yep, I remember that. A rat, why would would anyone kick up a stink over a rodent like a rat, I don't understand people.

    Why would anyone care what PETA say?

    I hope they take away those annoying phone calls when you're in the middle of a mission.

      I hope they learn that inconveniencing players in anyway does not = fun.

      Hey cousin! Want to go bowling?

        Only if we go to the strip bar first, then get hammered & play darts, and only then may we go bowling.

    Love fist????? Gta possibly back into the 3/vc/sa continuiity????? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

      Please be joking, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

      Love Fist was in GTA IV too, also why care about continuity when you know anything Rockstar does is amazing anyways?

      Wouldn't get your hopes up, Lovefist are featured/referenced in GTA IV too. It's all the same universe but I highly doubt they'd directly revisit a previous continuity. Lots of Easter eggs no doubt

        You know, I honestly don't remember them being referenced in IV, but it's been many years. Stygian thanks for the sensible answer :)

        I care because 3/VC and SA all gave amazing characters who were immensely memorable and great to get involved with. 4 had almost none of these until The Ballad of Gay Tony came along. They were all miserable, downbeat, idiots who deserved a bullet. Though I did love playing 4, I have to say it didn't have near the quality of characters the other games had, until TBOGT, and Tony himself, was fantastic...

    Wonder if Apple are going to sue Rockstar? That phone on the hood of the car is suspiciously rectangle shaped.

      You mean the iFruit?


      Last edited 02/11/12 5:20 pm

    Anyone else notice that chick bent over the hood of the car looks exactly like Yvonne Strahovski (Miranda from Mass Effect)?

      Yup, I thought the same thing about this picture when I first saw it the other day,

    Love Fist tshirt is awesome.

      Thinking the same!

    Will make it interesting though..... Nice doggy Nice doggy SNAP...ARRRRRGGHGGHHHHGHGG

    I'm pretty sure a few porns start that way (the police picture, not the... well, you know...)

    Do you think we'll be playing a female protagonist this time round? I mean, it sounds quite unlikely considering what GTA is about, but playing as a female character would be so strange and alien in GTA! I would like to try what that is like, with a well developed story as well to go with it, and maybe not so crazy like Saints Row.

    Darn, you're right! Hrm, maybe DLC for this idea then.

      Multiple protagonists have been heavily hinted at from various characters from screenshots also appearing in the trailer (an apparent R* source claimed just as much last year to kotaku so it kind of supports the theory). So it's certainly possible for a female protagonist - at least I hope so, rockstar are claiming a 'bold new direction' afterall. It would be weird to have multiple characters to not have at least one female to mix things up.

    The cop's name is Vasquez... I wonder if she's any relation to Alfonso and January Vasquez from GTA IV?

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