Here's A Trailer For The Enhanced Edition Of Baldur's Gate

Here's a trailer for the upcoming remake of one of the greatest RPGs ever made. After some big delays, Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition should be out next Wednesday for PC(and somewhere around then for iPad as well).

For more on the new enhancements coming in this edition of the iconic game, check out our previous coverage.

[Beam Dog]


    So tempted in getting this game to play during the xmas break
    Never got the change to play Bioware and BlackIsle classic RPGs back in the day.

    Should I play this game first or should I start on Fallout 1 and Fallout 2 instead?

      It depends what kind of setting you like. If you prefer Post Apocalyptic you will probably want to start with Fallout.

      I really loved Fallout 1 and 2 however I still haven't managed to pass Baldurs Gate. I have been so desperate to play it coop with my friends but it always is a crashing piece of shit on Windows 7.

      Hopefully with this enhanced edition I can finally play it 4 player without it crashing after half an hour.


    Where was I when they mentioned this?


      Yep, old news - been waiting ages for this, glad it's finally around the corner!

        Thanks dude,I can't believe this information slipped past me

        I hope it's cheap

        If not I will have to wait

          $20 on PC, with all the new content. $10 on ipad, with the new content extra.

            It's been confirmed that if you were to buy all the new content in the iPad version that it would end up costing the same as the PC version, so they're not really going to milk the cow.. but at the same time they realise that the PC market is different to the iPad market.

            Been waiting on this one too.... hopefully they make it for the November 28th date and that Apple authorisations don't take too long.

    Beamdog seems to be pulling a, lol.

    Wow thats *very* *very* pretty. Cannot wait!!!!!

    Still looks like the original with the most popular mods. No monies for you.

    I think this is purely for the nostalgia value. No point in this if you didn't play it back then. The times have moved on.

      That and the tablet releases.. to be able to play something of this value on iPad and Android tablets would be pretty cool. There are other RPGs out, agreed, but nothing quite as polished as BG.

      I certainly wouldn't be as excited nor would I likely buy the game if it was purely a PC release.

      Last edited 23/11/12 3:28 pm

        I must admit, I didn't even like it that much when it was released. It just took soo long for anything to happen, and even for the time the graphics and sound were primitive. You had to use a lot of imagination, and time for BG.

        NWN was the first RPG I really loved. Diablo's don't count.

    I wish I had an iPad just to play this on the toilet.
    Being serious though my gaming PC is about to get a retro thrashing. I only have BG2 and left it till I got the first, which now I can.

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