Here's Dirty Bomb, A New Multiplayer Shooter From The Folks Behind Brink

Via VG247, here's a first look at Dirty Bomb, an upcoming PC first-person shooter from Splash Damage, the developers of last year's Brink, with what looks to be a nuclear twist.

Dirty Bomb Splash Damage Trailers [VG247]


    Brink was awesome; reason it failed was because nobody played it and the netcode was awful.

      As you might know, Brink was made with idTech 4. This new one is made with Unreal - which in my opinion has some of the best net code of any engine.
      Objective FPS made with Unreal? Yes please!

    Lots of people actually played it at launch, it was horribly bugged and then splash damage just abandoned post release meaning dead servers.

    Brink is one of the only games I've ever realllly regretted buying.

      Agreed, the idea that if you go solo you get completely nerfed was pretty lame.

      + Bottlenecks

    Brink could have been a great game but it was rushed and unfinished.

    I was pissed at brink - I bought it thinking it would be a cross between an open FPS with Mirrors Edge and it just turned into a crappy bottleneck meat grinder type shooter with the free-running being reduced to "hold this button down to ignore minor obstacles".

    It says something that they chose to ignore Brink when mentioning games they've built in that trailer...

    Borrowed it off my ex's brother so I could get the achievements. Bad game, looked terrible, played terrible.

    Fuck splash damage. They released the game 2 weeks early because it was "finished" And it had the dodgiest multiplayer i have ever seen. MP games from '99 were more stable and reliable than that shit heap.

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