Here's One Of Those Cool Need For Speed: Most Wanted Pre-Race Scenes

In my review of Need For Speed: Most Wanted, I mentioned how the game has these wicked-cool little videos that play before every race. There are a lot, and they’re great. I grabbed one to give you a sense of what I’m talking about.

I particularly love how none of the in-game events start out with a countdown, or with idle cars—you begin these races at a sprint. Perfect.


    Using the ford mustang there is an ambush race with a really cool intro which is like something out of 'aliens'

    I didnt realise you played as Magneto in this game, cool stuff.

    Cool intros. Does anyone else feel the controls are more floaty and feel a bit delayed compared to burnout? It's a great game but the control responsiveness is a lot slower than what I expected for an arcade racer

    Can't remember which car it was but the intro to the ambush was a stack of police cars spinning around like a tornado.

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