The Official Wreck-It Ralph iOS Game

Building on the free iOS app, the $0.99 version of the official Wreck-It Ralph mobile game features three movie-themed games in one — Fix-It Felix Jr., Hero's Duty and Candy Climber.

It's available on iTunes today, with an Android version coming soon. 


    Lame. The first one is faithful to the era. The other two just look like shovelware.

      If you watch the trailers for the movie you'd understand... Hero's Duty is supposed to be CoD/Halo/whatever while Candy Climber (thought it was Sweet Climbers but I guess Mike cbf watching the video himself) is....I have no idea, all the trailer shows is lots of rainbows and lollipops :P

        No, I've seen the trailers. Fix it Felix Jr is the actual game. If it was true to the movie, Hero's Duty would be an on rails first person shooter, not a twin stick shooter, and Candy Climber would be a Mario-Kart esque racer called Sugar Rush.

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