Here's The Second, All-New Trailer For Grand Theft Auto V

Fans everywhere have absorbed all the tidbits about Grand Theft Auto V so the info about the game's multiple protagonists, its size and cultural aspirations. But none of that is a substitute for seeing the game in action so here's the latest teaser for Grand Theft Auto V.


    Looks spectacular!
    See no evil, hear no evil speak no evil.

    Coming to a cinema near you!......wait.

    I think I just pooped my pants a little. Looks amazing!

    Looks like it has the great story potential of Vice City...
    The fun of San Andreas...
    The innovation of 3...

    Rockstar you've done it again!!!!!! Preordering this bad boy today!

      The... phone calls from your cousin of GTA4?

        Oh dear god let's hope not...

          But more seriously, GTA4 sucked. I never completed it. 5 looks like it's bringing back the fun.

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            The Ballad of Gay Tony brought the fun back to GTA4, its just sad it took an add on to do that. GTA4 killed the fun, except for the bank robbery mission which was epic. But one great mission in a downer game really doesn't make up for it. GTA4 will forever be remembered as the low point of the series.

              It was all just such a step down from the incredible San Andreas. It had nice graphics... That's about all I can say.

                Absolutely. Totally agreed. Felt like such a backwards step. The only thing I truly think they improved upon was the shooting mechanics.


    So much to look at in the trailer. Those three main leads look like there's scope for a lot of interesting interplay. Trevor in particular seems like he's going to be a riot.

      Seems that I'm crap at signing in on the mobile website. Is there a knack to it?

        Only way I know of is to change to full site and login there...

        I'm using chrome on the iPhone, I use the option to force-load the desktop version. Then I'm still signed in when it reverts to mobile page. I haven't found a way to login here.

          Cheers guys - I'll give these a shot this arvo and see if it works a bit better.

    Considering I've had this pre-ordered for PC since it was initially announced (yes, I'm that eager), I'm going to be massively pissed off if I have to change my order to a console version because Rockstar doesn't want to release a PC version at the same time as consoles.

      6 month delay for the PC version already. Get ready to wait.

      Dude, Rockstar haven't once released a GTA game post-GTA3 on PC at the same time as consoles.

      I'm not sure I can resist getting this on console day one or if I can hold out long enough to get the yet to be confirmed PC release... I have managed to resist this very urge for Assassin's Creed III but probably not GTAV. I want it asap... Sad face.

      Sadly I highly doubt it'll happen Matt. I'm hopeful for a month delay .. but it could be six months or more.

      I'm with you - I'd dearly love it to release at the same time on PC as that is where I want to play it. But I might just get a console copy to tie me over I think.


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        Think I might have to do the same.. this is one game I will be willing to dust off the old PS3 and buy a new controller (since the old one's battery doesn't charge anymore) for.. I'd also prefer it on PC but.. man.. this one looks good.

          If you're getting a new controller, have a look at the Power A Fus1on, damned nice bit of kit and way better than the official controller if you have larger hands

    Wow... Just wow.

    May 2013 can't come soon enough!

    Heck they should make a movie outta this one!

    I can't wait to steal me that train.

    Needs more Ogden's Nut Gone Flake.

    Totally awesome! Aerial combat, skydiving looks fun.

    Anyone know who the song is by? It's got a Beverly Hills Cop vibe.

    This trailer is fantastic, and legitimately hilarious. If I hadn't already pre-ordered my copy, I would have done so immediately after watching this trailer.

    "Just ignore the bodies"

    Am I the only one to think that Trevor sounds a bit like Sam Rockwell?

    Seems a little hard to believe these are in-game graphics.. I really hope they are.. but they're that good and the lip-synching is also great, mo-cap awesome.. just hope they don't take too long to bring out a PC version.

      the animations and lip syncing looked terrible to me.

    So much awesome, I don't know what to do with!

    I'm doubting there is 1 second of actual gameplay footage in that whole trailer. It looks like a bunch of cutscenes, uninteractive moments and some real good use of the cinematic camera to make everything look spectacular. I want to see what we'll be looking at for 90% of the game... A third person view of a guy running around the street jacking cars or shooting people.

      This is how Rockstar have always done their GTA trailers. The varied a bit with RDR as they were showing new mechanics like Dead Eye, but they are always go for the more cinematic side as they are a) showing off the engine, b) focusing on the characters and c) want to show some more controlled 'cool trailer' stuff.

    Holy shit. That was brilliant. Please Rockstar don't make the whole game dependant on co-op though. Make it an option but not essential to enjoy and complete the main campaign.

      I read something that said it'll be a single-player experience. Hold on, I'll dig it up. I don't think the source itself is particularly reliable, but it seemed plausible enough


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    There was a dog in the trailer...Does this mean we'll be getting chased down by police dogs and have our faces ripped off? Or we can steal a vicious dog and set it on cops and crack whores?

      Or get chased by the dogs with bees in their mouths, and when they open their mouths they sting you?

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