Here's The Trailer For The Legend Of Zelda: Hyrule Historia

I didn't know books had trailers now, but hey. At least there's no dubstep. The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia is a hardcover tome chock full o' concept art, Zelda history, and the OFFICIAL ZELDA TIMELINE. It looks pretty damn cool.

For more on Hyrule Historia — created as part of a partnership between Nintendo and Dark Horse Comics — check out our coverage from earlier this year.


    Can't wait! By the time it comes out it will have been 5 months since I pre-ordered and paid for it, so it better be worth it!

    I live in australia in melbourne. where can i pre-order this?

      I pre-ordered mine from fishpond -

      but according to, it might actually be cheaper from Amazon US

      EB have them for preorder. Can't remember how much they are... $48 I think?

      Screw EB. All Star comics in Melbourne CBD on lonsdale street is freakin awesome, they'll order one for you if you send them a Facebook or email!

        Or there. I don't live in Victoria, so I didn't know of that place.

        Last edited 21/11/12 8:34 pm

          I love the store and staff, so I promote them wherever I can!!

            May have to check it out next time I visit Melbourne :)

              all star comics eyy... i am gonna check it out one day then...

      BookDepository have it too with free shipping.

      I got mine from Amazon though.

    books have had trailers for a while now. Read more.


    Got mine ordered as soon as I saw this article! I sure hope it goes into detail about Majora's Mask, I LOVE that game!

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