Hey We've Got A Sexy New Mobile Site, And Other New Stuff!

You may have noticed that our designers Ben White and Rob Hussey have been on fire lately. In the last couple of months they've added memberships, notifications and multiple other cool features. But there has been a little bit of a gap that needed plugged — that was our mobile site. Today, the guys have done it. By Jeeves they've done it.

So, our new mobile site is here — it has the same functionality as its big brother, and it looks pretty slick. Previously there was a bit of disparity between the different designs. That's gone.

The second major addition to this new update is 'mentions'. Folks that use twitter will know what we're talking about. If you add an '@' next to a username (ie, @Serrels) that user will be informed using the notification system we added in a previous update. This is just a way to grab people's attention in comments and it'll be mighty handy. I think the guys and girls that use Talk Amongst Yourselves will get a fair amount of use out of this new feature. It's designed to make communication between everyone a little bit more efficient. Hope everyone likes it!

The third thing worthy of note is the new comment box. We've added a few widgets to make commenting a bit more customisable and flexible. The big news? We've added spoiler tags! Use them as punchlines to awesome jokes. (And also use them to hide spoilers).

Alright folks, as always — thanks for your feedback, it really helps us out and influences what we do. If you have any issues or problems feel free to drop them below.

Thanks everyone!


    Thanks Ben and Rob! For the spoiler tags especially!

    Nice! The mobile formatting is slightly borked on my Samsung Galaxy (it doesn't look as aligned as in the article pic), but loving the new design scheme.

    You're witches! It's the only explanation.

    Excellent work guys. Kudos to you for also fixing up the minor issue with the bookmarking of the older mobile site on iPhone 5 causing black bars on top and bottom too.

    Great work Ben and Rob! Absolutely love everything you guys have been doing the past month for us!

    TAY Represent !


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      ahhh SPAGHETT!

        You just got spooked by Spaghett, see the cameras?

        Hahahaha, I got Mod noticed

        Awww yeah

        Internet day made

    FFS IE on Windows Phone 7.5 still doesnt get the mobile site on Kotaku, Gizmodo or Lifehacker :(

      Try sticking an 'm.' in front of the url - I'll have to wait until I'm at home with my wifi to check on my wp7.5, but that should work.

        I tried that, it just redirects me to www.kotaku.com.au

      We've got a few issues with the mobile site one win phone 7 - it uses a gimped version of IE9 :(
      We're looking into it, but are just serving the desktop site for now!

      Windows phone 8 works fine btw :)

        Thanks, I can't wait until it works :) Yeah, IE9 sucks D:

    TAY IS NOW SPOILER FREE.....just need to wait for everyone to stop playing with the new features :P

      Yeah now I can't get in trouble for spoiling Dexter or other shows \o/

    Thanks guys, much appreciated!

    This is awesome. Always wondered how people did text formatting, but never wanted to try anything for fear of being wrong :P

    Also, regarding the mobile site - is there a way to access it intentionally? Or is it just an automatic thing?

      Oh and also I hope that the upvoting is fixed. Haven't been able to do it from my laptop at home for the last few days. Button clicks, nothing happens.

        Looks like replies are working for you now (yay!) - did you enable JS?
        We've restructured the js file to hopefully avoid adblock from destroying our code, so all features should work fine.

          Posting from school actually :P Things've been alright here, enabling JS does get it done after a while and clicking Reply twice or something? I forget the process exactly, but it gets there eventually.

      It's automatically, but also available in a link in the footer.
      You'll get a bit of a performance hit, so not recommended, but it works if you need it :)

        I have noticed a slight delay from the old mobile site, but it's no more than a couple of seconds and in comparison to the amount of features added it's nothing to gripe about. Again great job guys! I can't thank you enough!

          Thanks!! We'll be focussing on tidying up and optimising where we can over the next few months. Out of interest, what device are you browsing on?

            Iphone4, ios6. Using chrome though, not safari.

    These new features are awesome thanks Ben & Rob!

    Thanks everyone! Keep the feature suggestions coming :)

    And this is why we love you guys!

    Absolutely awesome.
    The big game changer for me is the floating account banner. I love it!

      @benwhite Interesting quirk I noticed today on Android 2.3, the logged in banner at the top disappears behind embedded videos.
      Nothing major, thanks for all the great work.

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