Hope You're Not Sick Of Pretty First-Person Stealth Games Yet

First Deus Ex, then Dishonored... dare we dream that first-person stealth isn't just coming back, but it's coming back better than ever?

Let's. Especially when modders toiling away on the final year of a school project are coming up with stuff that looks this good.

Abduction is a CryEngine 3 project that's looking awfully promising, even if we know next to nothing about it. Funny what proficiency with a fancy game engine can do for you.

Abduction - A fire in the sky - Stealth Game [Crydev, via PC Gamer]


    I missed you stelth based games like the original thief and splinter cell i welcome you back :)

    Personally I thought Deus ex was a good game but wud've been better if made into a third person game instead of first person...same for most stealth based game.

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